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Found 5 results

  1. Hey. My name is Vladimir and I want to find buyers for my equipment through the site, which I already sold to Canada, but still there is a majority left, I would like to sell everything in a bundle, but if I do not succeed I will sell in parts. In order not to write everything anew, I will copy the description from my ad to ebay, there everything is written in detail, but if you have any questions, please write to me. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Set-Seacam-for-Canon-EOS-1Ds-Mark-II1D-Mark-II-1D-Mark-II-N/263494702082?hash=item3d59821402:g:37sAAOSw9hdaAXXP This set of Seacam for Canon EOS 1d and a pair of seacam 250 digital flashes (on sale separately, see my other ads) were bought for the expedition, but the expedition did not go because of the change in plans. He has been lying for several years and I decided to sell it, he did not sink into a new state of water. If you have additional questions you can write to me, I will be pleased to answer, additional photos can be found at https://yadi.sk/d/1iIxqHq13PURB2 I made some additional photos and made a description of everything that is included in the package: SEACAM silver Housing 1x Canon EOS 1Ds Mark II \ 1D Mark II, 1D Mark II N SEACAM Port 1x Macroport 90 mm (Total length including thread) 1x Extension 35 mm (Total length not including thread) 1x Fisheyeport 160 mm 2x Neoprene cover SEACAM Viewfinder 1x S180 Sportsfinder 1x Neoprene Carry Bag SEACAM Arm Kit 2x Housing Ball Mount 6x Ball Clamps 2x 200mm Ball Arm 2x 300mm Ball Arm 2x Neoprene Carry Bag SEACAM Wet Diopter (sold) 1x Wet Diopter 1 Scale 1,3 : 1 (sold) 1x Wet Diopter 2 Scale 1,7 : 1 (sold) 1x Neoprene Carry Bag (sold) 1x A set of spare rings, grease, and other... things in a neoprene bag 1x Seacam Large suitcase The kit includes two small stainless steel plates, I do not know why they are needed, but they were included!
  2. Stephen is selling his Canon 1dmk4 camera and Seacam housing. The housing will accept the Canon 1dmk3, 1dsmk3 (full frame) or 1dmk4 cameras. Necessary control to access video via the 1dmk4 camera is included, but not currently installed. A simple enough task - Remove and replace via one allen screw. Do not know the shutter count on the body, but this camera was used primarily when subject required faster shooting rate ( i.e., sharks moving quickly at the surface , competitive swim meets and practices). Housing has s6 bulkheads, ready to accept Seacam strobes or s6 cables on other brand strobes, and also offers remote socket with cable inside housing to camera. No scratches on lcd monitor - a little wear and tear on the camera ; a little wear and tear on the housing. Here are a couple pix, but can send pix individually as needed. Pix reflect what is included in the sale. Please contact: info@stephenfrink.com Asking price: $3500 for housing with camera.
  3. Hi, I am selling my photography gear as a package - this setup has served me really well. It contains all you need for wildlife photography (I took all of these with the Canon 1ds II) Fisheye (15mm Sigma) Macro (100mm Canon) Telephoto (100-400mm Canon) The only thing you will need to buy is 1 or 2 strobes (e.g. Inon Z240, around 700 dollars each). I have added Seacam, BH Photo and secondhand retail prices prices to each of the items as a reference - this totals to $14.000 USD. Asking $7000 USD - can ship to North America or Europe, please PM me for questions. I am only looking to only sell as a package, not separate items. Housing Seacam 1ds II housing (used $2000?) Seacam Fisheye domeport (new $1873) Seacam S45 viewfinder (new $2037) Seacam Macro domeport (not in photo) (new $378) Seacam extension ring (not in photo) (new $277) 2x Seacam strobe arms (new $1142) 2x Nikonos strobe cables (new $340) O-rings, lubricants, etc Cameras Canon 1ds II body with shutter count 35.000 (mint condition) (used $1000) Canon 1ds II body with shutter count 130.000 (good condition) (used $800) Canon 1d II body with shutter count 40.000 (good condition) (used $400) 5 batteries all in good working condition Lenses (all in great condition) Sigma 15mm f/2.8 EX DG Diagonal Fisheye Autofocus Lens for Canon EOS (new $609) Canon EF 17-40mm f/4L USM Lens (new $839) Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS USM Lens (new $1699) Canon - 100mm f/2.8 Macro Lens (new $599)
  4. Hi for all I am looking to buy a Seacam housing for the Nikon D4s - if possiblke second hand or demo unit, with S6 bulkhead If you know aboput anyone who want to sale please contact me info@amosphotography.com I also eady to sale all my Canon cameras, 1D III, 1 D IV, 1D X anbd 1D C - a lenses... Thank you - Amos
  5. I've decided to sell my trusty Seacam housing for the Nikon D300 camera. Housing is in excellent shop cosmetically, and of course works brilliantly. Housing is being sold without ports or viewfinders. I also have a Nikon D300 body in excellent condition, only used in the housing. Neither has ever been flooded, dropped, etc. I will sell housing and body together, or just the housing on its own. Make a reasonable offer! Soon I will take pictures of the gear. If I do not reply promptly to posts on this board, please call or email me directly. Thanks and Happy Holidays, Brandon Cole tel: 509-535-3489 e: brandoncole@msn.com
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