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Found 7 results

  1. HI All, I'm downscaling my gear to a new GoPro Hero 10 Black and was wondering if you have any clever tips'n'tricks of shooting the best video possible underwater. Next trip will be the Maldives...so not massively deep and warm water. cheers Wranger For sale reference removed: Admin Topic moved to video forum: Admin
  2. I've been reading some posts online recommending that for "on land" shooting, the Hero 7 sharpness be set to "low" for more natural looking footage. I haven't gotten to use mine in the water yet but I'm wondering if settings of "medium" or "high" might yield better results underwater where the overall environment is less sharp than on land due to less that gin-clear visibility. Any recommendations for WB of "auto" or "native" (or some other choice) would be helpful, too. I'd be free diving with the camera a depths of 30ft of less. Thanks!
  3. Hello all, I am not new to underwater photo/video, but I am new to using a digital camera set up, and I'm looking for any advice on the camera focusing set up for a Sony NEX with the 16mm with the VLC-ECF1 fish eye adaptor lens, inside the Nauticam housing with dome port. When I used to film using a Sony PC5 miniDV camera in a Oceanhaus housing with 120deg wide angle port, I used to focus the camera to an object in the distance, leave the camera set to manual focus, and then once inside the housing with the wide angle port, everything from about 1ft / .3m to the distance was in focus. From my testing on land, this doesn't seem to be the case with the NEX camera. The autofocus works well, but I'm concerned in case the focus starts to come in and out when filming underwater, or even worse, focuses on port if I see something in the distance. I cannot find any focus gear for the 16mm lens. Is there some for the Nauticam housing Does anyone have any focus set up tips for this set up? Settings such as centre spot, multi spot, single shot or continuous autofocus etc, or has anyone found a good set up in manual mode? Will it work to focus manually ona distance object and get stuff in focus from 1m onwards? Any help would be great fully apretiated - I'm trying to fill gaps from old techniques to the digital world! LOL! Cheers Tony
  4. Hi all, I'm going to take a break in Sharm where I'll can try my new equipment (sony RX100M2 + YS-D1 + Subsee +10). However, I'm bothered about RX100M2 settings. The camera has dozens of settings and I would like to have tips about which should be the most appropriate to have, especially for macro photography and the use of YS-D1 flash... Any tip is welcome! Thanks Ste
  5. I need some help from you out there. About a year ago I swithed from Sony V1E to the NX5E (w/ Amphibico). It was a struggle ... with Amphibico going out of business and my 1st NX5 having massive electronics problems. Now all seems to be OK technically. BUT... to make a long story short... the NX5 just doesn't seem to deliver the crispy, color rich and clear images I used to get from my V1E. Even in FULL AUTO, the V1E delivered quite acceptable pic's, as where the NX5 needs extensive Picture Profiles to even come close to the V1. Above water the NX5 is great, underwater it seems to forget it's a camera! EVEN a $250 Go-Pro seems te make sharper video that the $5000 NX5 !!! MY QUESTION TO YOU ALL, has anyone had any experience with the NX5? And if yes what are those? Positive/negative? What settings do you use? Any tricks or tips are VERY WELCOME! regards, Evert www.evert-bleijenberg.com
  6. A couple of updates to my website. Nikon D7000 underwater settings This is a page detailing all my settings used for Macro, Wide, Splits, and Video. It may be of use for new users. Any corrections or comments are most welcome. DIY macro lens mount Here's my macro lens holder using plumbing bits.
  7. I recently did a bonehead move and tried to install Lightroom 4 on my older Mac desktop without reading the readme file that plainly exlains that I needed an OS upgrade for it to work. The installer worked for 30 seconds, errored and then quit. When I tried to start Photoshop in CS5, I am now consistently getting an error. I tried looking at the error report to figure out what is going wrong, but it is not that intuitive. My query is how can I repair Photoshop's corrupted files without doing an uninstall/reinstall (assuming that a file or two was corrupted by the attempted Lightroom install)? Or, how to I save my settings? I reckon I just need to put a file on the side that has all of my settings, keywords, etc and then drop it back into the correct directory once I have reinstalled. Many thanks in advance for your help. Matt
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