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Found 2 results

  1. I am a landscape and underwater photographer, and have used the Nikon D850, since it came on the market. The camera immediately set itself apart with its large files, fast processor, high dynamic range, two card slots, and sturdy build. While nothing is wrong with the D850, I decided to embrace the new mirrorless revolution and purchased a Nikon Z7II. I've used it for almost a year now, and like that it is I smaller than the D850. Ergonomically speaking, the camera body naturally fits my hand, and it feels good. I love that camera body is weather sealed, as I work on, near, or underwater. After using both cameras for a year now I have concluded that for me, The D850 is better for underwater use and the Z7II, is better for landscape, people portraits, and night sky imaging. Let start with the what is better about the D850. It has no camera lag time. From the moment I press shutter half way down the camera is awake and I can make photographs. With the Z7II there is a noticeable lag time. The second or two it takes, could mean the difference between getting the whale in Frame or not. The second reason. is the shutter speed sync speed in regard to flash. The maximum on the Nikon D850 is 1/250th of a second and on the Z7II, it is 1/200th. It is a small difference but 1/250 blocks ambient from being recorded. The electronic view finder and monitor on the back, works different on the Z7II than the D850. This has to do with live view. With the D850, I used the view finder to compose and shoot, and the monitor on the back to review and check histograms. With the Z7II, I have the choice of using the electronic viewfinder or the monitor in the back to compose, shoot, and review. the electronic view finder and monitor on the back, works different than the D850. This has to do with live view. With the D850, I used the view finder to compose and shoot and when I wanted to review or check a histogram used the back monitor. The Z7II, shows live view in the monitor. That needs to be turned off prior. Here is why, the live view shows you the F-stop and Shutter speed. As underwater photographers typically use a shutter speed of 1/250th, 1/200, or 1/320th the live view is dark and the photographer cannot see the composition is shoots blind. To the left of the viewfinder on the Nikon Z7II is a button. Pressing it allows you to select the electronic view finder or back monitor. This took me hours to figure out as I thought controlling the monitor would be in one of the menus. My bad. It’s actually really easy to switch. Now, I can set the camera up to shoot and review in the electronic view finder. I find that this allows me to keep my head in position and not need to move to review images. So, if I need to change a setting other than strobe power, I can make the change and keep shooting. The less I move the better, as sometimes the subjects can be skittish and move. When I feel the need to see an image bigger I can press the monitor button and and see it on the back. There is one feature about the Nikon Z7II, which I really love. The camera will allow me to set a shutter speed as long as 15 minutes. That means no more bulb exposures. This is huge. I also like the dual processors as I can shoot fast and never till my buffer. In conclusion, I am not ready to say aloha to my D850, and am happy about my decision to take the leap and get a Z7II.
  2. Hi. I love my Olympus TG-5, the macro is insane. However, I'm having some trouble shooting fish, as no matter what I do (iso, aperture, etc) the camera always picks too low a shutter speed when using a flash. I understand that the flash has to be able to sync to the shutter speed but I've had shutter speeds varying from 30-100 when using the flash. All to often this value is 30, creating motion blur in my images. This can be fine for slow, macro creatures but is incredibly unreliable for fish. I'm wondering if there is any hack (to allow me to change shutter speed) or a mode which generally selects higher shutter speeds which still allows me to use underwater white balance as well as shoot in raw. Thanks
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