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Found 9 results

  1. Merry Christmas! I am looking for a bit of advice, and perhaps some reassurance on my imminent setup choices. I am an avid snorkeler in the North of Scotland, in the water probably 300 days of the year. I also scuba dive here weekly. As I snorkel and freedive I have been enjoying using a small camera set up without strobes, olympus OMD EM5MKII in nauticam housing with an 8mm fisheye and mini dome. I really enjoy shooting split shots and like the versatility of the fisheye. I've wanted to start using strobes for my scuba and now have two inon z330s, but I enjoy using the camera without strobes down to 10m whilst snorkeling as it is less bulky. This is my first underwater camera setup, and when I have come to print images larger, they just aren't as sharp as I'd like. So my research has lead me to look at something with a larger sensor that would be far more light sensitive, whilst not being too bulky. I've settled on a Sony A7Riv with a sigma 15mm fisheye and 14mm dome port. Does this sound like the correct setup for how I dive or is there something out there that I am overlooking? Any advise would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hello, About 7 years ago, after reading that Vieques had exquisite snorkeling, I went there for five days and had a magical experience exploring there, especially around and under Mosquito Pier. I'm wondering if any of you have been since Hurricane Maria. I would certainly like to support Vieques (though will not be traveling for the foreseeable future, until it's safe to do so; I live in NYC, tested positive for COVID-19, have recovered after 25 days in a single room, and now have a high titer level of antibodies), and explore Culebra as well, both snorkeling and diving, and would be grateful for your impressions and insights. Many thanks, AJ
  3. Hey all, Darren Jew here. You may or may not know that I've been leading photography trips to the Kingdom of Tonga since 2001. So this season will mark 17 years of experiences with the humpbacks in Tonga. 2017 will once again will see us in the water for 50+ days of interactions. We are photography focussed, offering quality water time with the best skippers and guides to provide you with a variety of incredible experiences each day of your trip. We also provide after-boat tuition through our daily Workshops and Creative Lab Sessions. We have limited spaces on a few departure dates between late July until mid-October 2017. You can see details of availability and a heap of information on our website: www.whalesunderwater.com Feel free to contact me if you need any questions answered ... we'd love to have you along with us. If you Instagram, you might want to check out the hashtag #whalesunderwater16, which features both staff and guest photos from the 2016 season. all the best darren E: darren@darrenjew.com
  4. Can I embed several videos in one post like this? I read one of the forum rules laid down in 2006 is "max one video per post" to save forum users' bandwidth. I am not sure whether it still applies in 2016 when bandwidth of embedded videos is not an issue. i feel that starting several topics with one video each is like spamming, so I put all of the vids in this post instead. Anyway, these vids were all shot while snorkeling with Olympus TG-4 and natural light in Cebu, Philippines.
  5. I'll be spending my winter working on the Palmyra Atoll in the South Pacific and am picking out the gear I need. I shoot with a Nikon D750. 1) Housing: I don't have an unlimited budget so I'll likely be getting the Ikelite housing for the D750. 2) Lens Port: I'll be shooting primarily with the Nikon 20mm f/1.8, maybe also with the 35-80mm. Should I get the 6" or 8" dome? Anybody have experience comparing these? 3) Strobes: I'll be snorkeling, so I'm thinking I'm not going to get strobes. I may get an Ikelite Gamma II dive light with attachment for the housing. Comments? Questions? Suggestions? Thanks for any advice you can give.
  6. Hello out there! I've been hosting photo groups photographing humpbacks underwater in Tonga since 2001 and I've just completed a new website covering all you need to know about the trips for upcoming seasons... which run August/September. www.whalesunderwater.com cheers darren
  7. Camera numptie needs help. I live on a sailboat in the Eastern Caribbean. I am in the water two or thee times each week with a camera. Up till now it has been a Snap Sights SS 1000. I had a visitor Jan who had a Pentax WG 2 and it clearly took much better pics than my Snap Sights SS 1000. So I bought a Pentax WG 3 but in fact never went underwater with it as I had another camera on loan. That has gone back and my WG 3 died with a faulty on off switch. I now have a Ricoh WG 20 which appears externally to be the same camera. Now I really like this camera as it is simple to operate but am concerned that there are multiple reports of them leaking. If people thought they were OK I would buy a couple more and keep them as spares. At $133 on EBAY they will not break the bank. But I want to add some sort of light. It looks like the WG series can not trigger a light. What about the equivalent Cannon [ D10 ? ] can it trigger a light. If so what kind of light. Finally I have been offered this for a $1000 SeaLife DC1400 14 megapixel underwater camera & underwater case Fisheye Wide Angle Lens SeaLife Pro Duo Kit/Set: - Sea Dragon 2000 Photo/Video/Dive Light - Sea Dragon Flash All instruction manuels, extra seals, moisture munchers, silicone lubricants, batteries, wrist straps, chargers, carrying case, etc. Unwanted gift and is unused but more than I really need I think and also more than I want to spend. So lets say budget of $500 max for camera and light. NB Must be easy / simple to operate Point and Shoot please. No setting stops. Finally this was taken with my old SS.
  8. I'm looking for an inexpensive, compact sized, camera or camera/housing combo, SPECIFICALLY for shooting whilst snorkeling with whale sharks, dolphins on an upcoming liveaboard trip to Mexico. I already have a UW M4/3 set up with 2 strobes, nauticam housing, including a 7-14 lens and dome port - BUT I want a small, cheapie device for 2 days of snorkeling. I don't really want to lug my M4/3 set up around for 2 days of snorkeling. Any suggestions? REQUIREMENTS: Lightweight, small, wide angle, waterproof, inexpensive ($200 USD +/-) NICE TO HAVEs (but not requirements): RAW, 130 foot +, built in flash, video Maybe the best idea is to use my M4/3 set up and buying a new little camera is not advisable/necessary. Ideas and opinions welcomed. Thanks so much!!!
  9. Join Tim Rock for a week in Tonga snorkeling in the wild with majestic humpback whales. We will look for breaches, rowdy bunch action. mother-calf interaction and blue water adventure. This trip is limited to 4 people. You will be in the water every drop. Right now we have only 2 spots left. Please read more here: http://www.guammicronesiadivetravel.com/travelblog1/?page_id=1634 Contact me at: timrock@doubleblue.com For further info. Best, Tim
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