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Found 12 results

  1. For sale various uw photo equipment. Rock bottom prices. All prices include shipping 1) Reef Net Subsee Wet Diopter Magnifier +5, 150 euros brand new. Never been uw. 2) Reef Net Subsee Wet Diopter Magnifier +10, 150 euros brand new. Never been uw. 3) Seacam port duo flip adapter holds +5 and +10 Subsee Wet diopters. Brand New. Never been uw. 120 euros 4) Sea & Sea compact video macro port SS 56211 brand new. Never been uw. Price 180 euros including shipping 5) Seacam Superdome port my brand new spare port. Never been uw. Absolutely mint condition. 600 euros including shipping 6) Seacam 45 degree viewfinder (early model does not swivel) 450 euros including shipping. Used uw only once. 7) Seacam housing for the Nikon D800. Excellent condition. 700 euros including shipping. You get a free port for the 105 lens if you want it. Please send me a Personal Message if any item interests you. And if you feel like helping please share to your diver friends. Thank you.
  2. Hello All, Up for sale is my Seacam Superdome. It is definitely used, but in very good shape. There is some rash on the lower shade. The anodizing on the back is faded, making a nice patina. This is typical of these ports. The glass is in very good shape, with a few very superficial marks that do not photograph. These are not at all visible under water. The neoprene beanie and rear port cover are included. Asking $950 USD, I will pay shipping to Canada and USA. (These list for over $2000 from Seacam USA.) Item is located in Vernon, BC Canada. Contact at ianmarsh@icloud.com Thanks Ian
  3. Hi, I would like to ask for good tips for the transport of my underwater camera stuff when travellin with plane. The handluggage is to small and their would not be enoug free weight. I ha a seacam Superdome with 24cm, a Compact port with 17cm, 2 seaflash 150d, a Dslr housing and so on. Has somebody tips for a save transport of the dome in my suitcase? What are good possibilities to protect my stuff? Thanks in advance Armin
  4. I am searching a used Seacam housing for Canon 5DMKII in mint condition. Best would be a complete set. I am also searching for S45 viewfinder Superdome Flasharms flashcabels Seacam 150 flashes Items should be within the European Union if possible. I am locatetd in Austria. Thanks Armin
  5. FOR SALE: Seacam 9 inch Superdome glass dome port, comes with Seacam neoprene front cover and plastic back cover. Fair condition. There are some scratches on the exterior surface of the glass. Depending on your shooting conditions (angle/depth/backlit/background color/sun, etc.), a scratch or two may sometimes appear in your photo as a small line, or dot, or flare spot. Sometimes you will notice this in the photo, sometimes you won't. A quick touch up with the clone/healing brush in Photoshop is usually all it takes to make the blemish disappear. SELLING FOR $335 USD, which includes Paypal fees and shipping in the lower 48. Will consider shipping overseas for additional cost. Super low price as a new 9" (~230mm) GLASS dome port costs close to $2000 new! This port is well used but still very functional. At this price, it makes a great emergency backup and/or the right choice when you are polecamming with great white sharks, working in very rough conditions, when you expect your housing to take some abuse. Best to email me at: brandoncole@msn.com Thanks, Brandon Cole tel: 509-535-3489
  6. I taught my annual Digital Master class in Key Largo last week, and having six days of local diving provided a bit of time to test new gear. One item of significance was the new Sigma 20mm F-1.4 prime wide angle. I shot it on a Canon 5Ds, SEACAM housing, Superdome, and 57.5mm port extension. This is the same one I use for my 16-35mm lens. I did not obsess over what port extension would put me in exact nodal point of the lens. Rather, this is simply plug and play with gear I had easily at hand. Here are the results: Sigma 20mm lens on Canon 5D3 for scale Normal perspective of 20mm lens underwater, chosen to illustrate primary subject on same plane of focus as background Test of near focus, with seafan lower left actually touching the Superdome and zone of AF on this portion of seafan screenshot at 100%, corner detail lower right screenshot at 100%, corner detail lower left screenshot at 100%, detail close focus on seafan lower left In that this lens is Sigma, it can work either Nikon or Canon. I find great potential here and bring it to your collective attention due to collective angst over poor corner resolution in many wide angle optics used UW.
  7. Seacam Superdome & Fisheye Dome (160mm) for sale Both in great condition, UK based but willing to ship internationally. Superdome: £900 Fisheye Dome (160mm): £500 Contact me with any questions.
  8. Hi, I sell a Seacam Superdome, in perfect condition, no scratches. Sale price: 800,00 € Shipping to anywhere in the world. With new original o-ring and neoprene cover.
  9. Zen DP-230-NA: 230mm optically coated glass dome for Nauticam housings I bought this glass dome to use with a Nauticam Nikon D800 (full frame) housing. I ended up not using it, and it is brand new in the box, completely unused, with neoprene dome port cover. This is a huge piece of glass and provides the absolute best corner-to-corner sharpness of any dome out there. Full frame shooters rejoice! In keeping with the Zen Underwater tradition of excellence, we are proud to offer our flagship dome port. With the DP-230 port you will finally have a port that will do justice to your expensive rectilinear wide angle lenses like the Canon 16-35mm f/2.8 L, Canon 16-35mm f/2.8 L2, Canon 17-40mm f/4 L, Nikon 16-35 f/4 VR, and the Nikon 17-35mm f/2.8. This dome retails for $1899, and I am selling it for $1399. If you are interested, please contact Norb at photoagent101@gmail.com. Please no phone calls. I am happy to entertain other offers. I can accept Paypal, money orders, and personal checks. Money orders and personal checks will have to clear my bank before the product is shipped; which can take up to three weeks. Shipping will be at buyer's expense (at actual cost) and will be UPS Ground, Fedex Ground, or USPS Priority Mail (all of which give tracking of packages). If we conclude a deal, I'll give you a quote for shipping and insurance via one of the above methods. Happy Shooting!
  10. Preferences Preferences x I have my underwater photo equipment for sale. It means SeaCam housing with a Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III camera (body only) and lots of other stuff. It means altogether: - Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III Camera (body only) with manual, dual charger, 2* batteries, camera strap in original package - Seacam Silver housing - S45 sportsfinder with neoprencap - S180 sportsfinder with neoprencap - FP fisheyeport - SD superdome with optical coating and neoprencap - P120 macroport with optical coating - PVL 25 portextension - PVL 55 portextension - PVL 70 portextension - Diopter 77 - Wet diopter set (1 and 2 in a bag) - Zoom lens gear CANON EF II for EF 16-35 - Zoom lens gear CANON EF II for EF 24-70 - 2* Seaflash 150 digital with battery and neoprencover - 2* spare battery - tripod set (underwater) - remote socket, remote control release, 3m shutter cable - 2* flash arm 50/150/300/M8/bag - service kit (O-ring set Seacam Seaflash 150D, 2*Mounting set seacam sportsfinder, O ring set Seacam Canon EOS1D) I used them during only three diving trips. It means appr. 70 dives altogether. In 2011 I sent all of the equipment back to SeaCam for a full service (changing O-rings, etc). When I got it back I couldn't go to dive. So it seems as a brand new at the moment as you can see on the photos. I can send an Excel sheet contains all of the parts of my equipment if you are interested in. I would like to get only about 55% of the original price which is 13,975EUR or 11,501GBP or 19,230USD (shipping, insurance is not included). I attached a few photos of them but I could send you more if you need it. Some photos as a reference took by this equipment: http://seacam.com/en/focus/references/europe/istvan-juhasz I will ship the package from Hungary where my company is the Seacam distributor. Preferences Preferences
  11. I've decided to sell my trusty Canon Eos 1DS mk II housing. Its fitted with 2 Nik flash sockets, leak detector and was only just serviced in August 2013 when it was fitted with new seals, sync terminals, o rings, shutter lever spring and plugs. The service was very thorough and came to a total of £862. The housing hasn't been used much since that time so I can vouch with certainty that its in very good working order. Its never been flooded or dropped and is easy to operate. The super dome port has a couple of dings on the outside edges which are too wide to be in shot, there are also a few very very light marks here and there but these don't affect image quality at all. Please see pictures The housing was bought new from Seacam in 2006 for £5060 GBP (Housing £3160, Sports finder £990, Super dome £910). Its been well used in swimming pool and underwater studios and together with 2 other similar cameras its been responsible for all the pictures on my websites: http://www.zenaholloway.com http://www.urchinrock.com The 1DS camera delivers great quality pictures and the whole package is a terrific system and very dependable. The sports finder is second to none, see specs for it on the Seacam website http://www.seacam.com/en/products/viewfinders/s180 The super dome provides the best underwater optics I've ever come across and is suitable for a very wide range of lenses see the link below for more details. http://www.seacam.com/en/products/front-ports/dome-ports/superdome-sd I'm happy to sell the housing with or without the camera and also will consider selling just the housing on its own without the port or sports view finder. My reason for the sale is just that recent circumstances have required me to update the camera but otherwise I would have been very happy to continue using it. Please email me at zena@zenaholloway.com for further info or to make an offer. thank you Zena Holloway
  12. I'm looking for a Subal Type 3 or Type 4 8" (DP-FE4 or DP-FE3) dome port or Zen DP-200 or 230mm SuperDome no matter what mount it has as Nauticam has adapters for most brands. Should be in good condition with no or only minor scratches on the glass. cheers, Philipp
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