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Found 28 results

  1. I just listed all of the following items (new/barely used/excellent) on eBay for $0.99 starting price auctions with no reserve. So you may be able to get a steal on these. Use Buy It Now option for immediate purchase and discount if nobody bid yet! Nauticam NA-BMPCC + 4.33" N85 dome port + LCD Magnifier Blackmagic Nauticam HDMI (A-D) Cable 750mm monitor to HDMI bulkhead (25038) Nauticam NA-DP4 + SmallHD 4.3" DP4 Monitor Nauticam NA-502 + SmallHD 502 + Monitor Hood (17916) Nauticam Underwater Optical Mini Flash Trigger f/Sony Full Frame Cameras (26302) Zen DP-230 9" Optical Glass Dome Port for Nauticam N120 Zen DP-170 Optical Glass Dome Port for Nauticam N120 Port Nauticam N100-120 35.5mm Port Adapter II f/A7RIV (37305) Nauticam N120 80mm Extension Ring w/Lock (Type 1) (21180) Nauticam N120 30mm Extension Ring w/Lock (Type 1) (21130) Nauticam N120 20mm Extension Ring w/Lock (Type 1) (21120) Nauticam N120 20mm Extension Ring w/Lock (Type 1) Nauticam Replacement O-Ring for N100 Port (90141) Anglerfish Remote Trigger V3.0 *NIB* Nauticam Nikonos 5-pin Bulkhead with Nikon Hotshoe Connection (25013) Nauticam Fastening Tool for 25624/25625 Vacuum Valve II (25639) Nauticam Fastening Tool for 25624/25625 Vacuum Valve II (25639) Nauticam Zoom Gear f/Sony 24-70mm F2.8 GM Sea & Sea SX Extension Ring (SS-50261) 20mm Sea & Sea NX Standard Flat Port (56101) Sea & Sea Sea Arm VII Slide Fixed Arm (92953) 27mm ball size Ultralight Control Systems Double Ball Arm 16" *QTY: 4* + 6 Clamps ULCS Sea & Sea Sync Cord (5-Pin) *QTY: 2* f/YS Series Strobes to Nikonos (17100) Ultralight Control Systems Double-Ball Buoyancy Arm 16" *QTY: 2* + 1 clamp ULCS Ultralight Control Systems Double-Ball Buoyancy Arm 10" (2" diam) ULCS Ultralight Control Systems Double-Ball Arms 5" + 3" + StiX Buoyancy Floats ULCS Light & Motion Sola Video Pro 15000 Lumens (Flat Port) underwater Light & Motion Sola Video Pro 15000 Lumens (Flat Port) underwater #2 Light & Motion Sola Video 9600 Lumens (Flat Port) *head only* Light & Motion Sola Video Pro 15000 Lumens *won't charge/parts only* Light & Motion Sola Video Pro *charger only* Light & Motion Sola Video 2500 Lumens Flood underwater light Light & Motion Sola Video 2500 Lumens Flood underwater light #2 Light & Motion Stella Pro 7000 Lumen Air Kit Light & Motion Stella Pro 7000 Lumen Air Kit #2 Light & Motion Stella Pro 7000 Lumen Air Kit #3 Light & Motion Stella Pro 7000 Lumen Air Kit *light head only (warm)* Tons more photography/lighting/drone equipment (Sony, Godox, DJI) as well: https://www.ebay.com/usr/kurtcham Thanks, Kurt
  2. Hi all. I am new to posting here. I do not usually shoot with a compact camera so please bear with me. What is the sync speed of the Canon G7x ii? I am using Optic cables to trigger the strobes and was wondering was is the limit on the shutter speed. Thanks
  3. same as Subal V3 TTL board for Nikon You need this board if you want to use fibre optic cables to trigger strobes when using a Nikon D500 (because it doesn’t have a built in flash). Easy to install. Runs off 2 x CR2032 batteries Can us fiber optics or sync cord in TTL or manual mode. Compatible with 10 different strobe types as shown in photo 2. I. ’ve also successfully used it with Sea & Sea YS-D2J in manual mode. reason for selling - can’t do high speed sync with Seacam 160D strobes (I’ve recently upgraded). I believe it can HSS with the new Retra strobes. AUD$300 (roughly US$215 or €190). Buyer pays shipping plus and PayPal fees. Happy to ship worldwide.
  4. If you already have a cord - consider a spare while you are traveling to far away locations! From B&H: The Sync Cord - Two SEA&SEA or INON Strobes to Ikelite Bulkhead Non-TTL has SEA&SEA / INON plugs on the strobe ends and an Ikelite plug on the housing end. Replacing Ikelite 4118.2, this 2018 update weighs less, includes hard anodized aluminum fittings on the Ikelite plug, and has built-in strain reliefs at the cord ends. New $190. Your price $150. Please reach out to me here. Will ship from Colorado. Email: MikeLloyd888@gmail.com
  5. I've got a Subal V3 TTL board for Nikon for sale. It's the perfect companion if you have a Nikon camera which does not have a built-in flash, so D850, D500. The board will provide manual and TTL flash control to either fibre optic connections or sync cords. The choice of manual or TTL can be changed easily underwater. This is the board only and does not include LED cables which are easily available for the usual Subal dealers. I will put new batteries in (2x CR2032) and will include the simple instruction sheet. The boards are €474/$462 new. I'm looking for €325/$325 plus postage. It's advertised as being able to operate with a wide range of strobes including: Sea & Sea YS-D1• Sea & Sea YS-D2• Sea & Sea YS-250• Inon Z240• Inon D-2000• Inon S-2000• Ikelite DS161• Ikelite DS61 I've certainly used it with Inon Z240s and Retras. No problem at all! PM me for more info or to discuss. Best wishes, folks
  6. New, never used. $100 USD. Price includes shipping from Singapore to continental US (or similar). This will take 8-10 business days. Quicker shipping available, but won't be worth the cost - but if buyer bears the cost I can do it. Paypal net to me (buyer covers fees if any). I do have a decent amount of all-100% star feedback on ebay, fredmiranda, and carousell and can provide links/usernames. Retails for $195 USD new. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/179257-REG/Sea_Sea_SS_03470_Dual_5_Pin_Sync_Cord.html
  7. Hi, I am selling a Sea&Sea Y-sync cord 03470 (N type), which connects 2 Sea&Sea Strobes to Housings with a Nikonos 5 Pin Bulk Head. Selling due to change of system. The sync cord works perfectly, has never been flooded and only has a few signs of usage on the Nikonos end and the dust cap which have no influence on the performance. It allows continuous shooting, so no missed images of moving objects anymore. Works with any standard Nikonos 5-pin bulkhead and Sea&Sea underwater flash with 5-pin connection, such as Sea&Sea YS-D1, YS-D2. Included: Sync cord with O-rings and dust caps. Looking for AU$175 Shipping from Australia on buyers expenses.
  8. For Sale: Ikelite 161 Strobes and Accessories (2) Ikelite-161 Strobes each with 500 lumen led spotting light, ball mount, diffuser, charger, NiMH battery pack- $500 each (2) Ikelite Optical Adapters #4401 for use with S&S, Nauticam, etc - $50 each (1) Single strobe Ikelite Sync Cable - $40 (1) Dual strobe Ikelite Sync Cable - $60 If you purchase both strobes I will add the Dual Sync cable for free or include both Optical triggers for the price of one. $10 USA shipping for strobes + 3% paypal fee The strobes are used but in very good condition and super reliable. Battery backs recently rebuilt with new NiMH cells. I moved to a different set of strobes a year ago and no longer need this pair.
  9. Hello, I have just switched to a DSLR system, my setup is a D800E in Nautical Housing with 2 strobe INON S2000 activated by the in-build flash with finer optic cable. I would like to know from someone with similar setup what would be the sync speed I can push the system, has anyone tested at 1/250, 1/320 or above? Second I was wandering if I-TTL mode would work as well as flash exposure compensation, somehow I feel it would be easier to adjust rather than using the small knob of thee strobe. I will be shooting Macro with 105 Micro VR, in your experience is recharging time really bothering in this setup? What alternatives do I have to fire my strobes, and what are the gain ? thank you for your suggestions.
  10. Hi, I have been using my Subtronic PRO160 strobes (optic fiber) and Sea&Sea YS-D1 with a Nikon D800 successfully up to shutter speeds of 1/320 (always with optic fiber using a manual led trigger that I installed in a Nauticam Housing, with camera flash sync speed set to 1/320 auto-fp). I've upgraded my camera to a Nikon D850 in a Nauticam housing with Nauticam's manual led trigger installed as default. Yesterday I've tried my Subtronic's PRO160 UW for the first and they only were able to successfully light each photo if I used shutter speeds below 1/60 (the camera configured slower speed to use with flash in A & P modes). I was shooting in manual mode as ever, flash sync speed set to 1/250*(auto fp) (also tried setting it to 1/250 but no luck). When I used shutter speeds above 1/60 the bottom of the photos became unevenly illuminated or even black (depending on aperture, ISO and strobe power). Strobes are configured to fire with only one pulse from the trigger (as I always use). Later, at home, I've tested the strobes again and oddly they function normally until 1/200 (but at 1/250 they show the black bar at the bottom of the picture). I also tried my Sea&Sea YS-D1 and they also work normally just until 1/200 (they could have had low batteries so I will repeat the tests, but the Subtronics had full battery in the beginning of the dive). Anyone has any idea why this strange behavior? Why did they only work until 1/60 underwater? What changes to make them able to work at 1/200 at the surface? Why do they not work at the surface at 1/250 at least? I've tried everything I could remember (Camera in Single shot mode, M mode, EFCS off or on, no shutter delay activated, several combinations of aperture and ISO...). The only thing that I've changed besides the new camera, housing and new led trigger is the fiber optic cables: i used to use a 3mm optic fiber cable custom made by me (which I didn´t like because they were always failing) and now I use Nauticam standard cables (they didn't work at all with my other led trigger and the Subtronics, although they always worked with the Sea&Sea and also some INON's Z240 that I don't have anymore - all the way up to 1/320 with the D800). Any help would be appreciated: you never know when you will be busy fiddling with your camera UW and that great white will finally appear and gracefully swim by your side,, :-) Thanks, Miguel
  11. Hi, all. I bought an LED TTL trigger with my new housing and it requires extra-thick, extra-expensive Sea & Sea FO cables. I have two like-new medium-length Sea & Sea FO cables with 90 degree Sea & Sea tips, and one new Bluewater FO cable with straight tips and removable Sea & Sea adapters. They are in perfect condition. If you are not using an LED trigger, these should work just fine for you (if you don't need specialty tips). I've been using them with a Nauticam housing and Sea & Sea strobes and have never had a misfire. Will sell them for $25 each or $70 for the lot if you pay for postage from Santa Cruz, California. That's less than half the retail price.
  12. For Sale: Ikelite 2 arms set (170 EUR) Ikelite 1 arm with lever (70 EUR) Ikelite Dome Port 5503.50 (185 EUR) Ikelite TTL Sync Cord (85 EUR) For all items: 460 EUR Pay by paypal. + shipping (depents on destination country) Items location: Europe
  13. On a recent trip to Indonesia, I experienced what appeared to be a sync problem with my rig. Olympus E-M1 and Sea&Sea YS-D1 strobes. Looking to get a black background, I switched the camera from 1/200th to 1/250th. The result was a half exposed image. Searching the web, I found a thread from July 2014 on Wetpixel discussing the problem (http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=53721). While a number of alternate setting combinations were discussed, there was no clear comclusion. My own feeling was that I shouldn't have to manipulate a number of settings in order to bump the speed and get a full image. Sure, changing other settings in conjunction might produce a better image. The two images demonstrate the problem. They're not particulary good in many aspects, but were shot of the same subject, the same distance, etc.. The only difference being one at 1/200th, the other at 1/250th. I sent a query to Sea&Sea describing the situation. Their response is pretty clear: Hello Bob, The SEA&SEA YS-D1 is designed to work with flash sync speeds up to 1/200. The strobes are not equipped for “high speed sync”, sync speeds greater than 1/200 sec. The strobe timing will not pair higher than 1/200th of a second, leaving a portion of the image dark. There is no update at this time if SEA&SEA will produce strobes capable of high speed sync. Thank you for your inquiry, Sea&Sea USA 2380 Mira Mar Ave. Long Beach, CA 90815 562-498-3708 I followed up by asking about the new YS-D2. Their response was the same: Hello Bob, I am sorry to inform you that the SEA&SEA YS-D2 will not sync in speeds higher than 1/200. Thank you, Sea&Sea USA 2380 Mira Mar Ave. Long Beach, CA 90815 562-498-3708 So it's pretty obvious that for those of us looking to achieve those stunning black background shots by using high speed strobe / small aperture shots, Sea&Sea YS-D1 and YS-D2 strobes are not the ones to use. If I had found this post before I bought my Sea&Sea YS-D1s, to replace my Inon S-2000s, I wouldn't have bought them. Maybe this information will help some of you. Bob W
  14. I have two Ikelite sync cords for sale: 1. Ikelite TTL Dual Sync Cord 4104.62 One Nikonos Bulkhead to Two Ikelite Strobes: $110 This cord is in new condition. It has never been used or in the water. From the Ikelite website: Y-shaped sync cord with Ikelite-style plugs on strobe ends and Nikonos-style plug on the housing end. Provides TTL operation with any compatible system featuring a Nikonos-style N5 TTL bulkhead and Ikelite strobe. The Ikelite-style plug is widely recognized as the most reliable waterproof strobe sync connection available. Built-in strain reliefs reduce stress on cord ends. This cord is compatible with Nikonos, film and digital TTL systems. Do not use this cord with non-TTL systems. If unsure, contact your housing manufacturer or choose a non-TTL sync cord. This cord requires the attachment of two strobes for waterproof operation. To shoot with only one strobe, try a single sync cord instead. 2. Ikelite Sync Cord - Ikelite Strobe to Nikonos Bulkhead TTL Product Number 4104.6: $80 Used a few times and has been in storage in a workshop for a few years. From Ikelite's website: Coiled sync cord with an Ikelite­style plug on strobe end and Nikonos­style plug on housing end. Provides TTL operation with any compatible system featuring a Nikonos­style N5 TTL bulkhead and Ikelite strobe. The Ikelite­style plug is widely recognized as the most reliable waterproof strobe sync connection available. Built­in strain reliefs reduce stress on cord ends. This cord is compatible with Nikonos, film and digital TTL systems. Do not use this cord with non­TTL systems. If unsure, contact your housing manufacturer or choose a non­TTL sync cord. To connect two strobes to a single housing bulkhead, try a dual sync cord instead. f you are interested, please contact Norb Wu at temp2_at_norbertwu.com. Please no phone calls. I am happy to entertain reasonable offers. I can accept Square, Paypal, and personal checks. I've found Square to be the easiest these days -- I can create an invoice and send it to you via email, and you can then pay with your credit card without sending that information to me. Personal checks will have to clear my bank before the product is shipped; which can take up to three weeks. Shipping will be at buyer's expense (at actual cost) and will be UPS Ground, Fedex Ground, or USPS Priority Mail (all of which give tracking of packages). If we conclude a deal, I'll give you a quote for shipping via one of the above methods. Thanks! I've sold quite a few things here on wetpixel, and everyone has been friendly, courteous, and great to deal with. Thanks to Eric and Adam for making this forum work so well! Norbert Wu
  15. I've been having issues with corrosion of my Sea & Sea sync cords where they thread into my housing. I seem to have 2 different cords in my collection (different metals for the screw fittings). One corrodes badly, the other is okay. I'd like to buy more cords of the type that don't corrode, but I'm told that they aren't sold anymore. Does anyone have experience with this? This photo shows the cord that's working for me (the tick) and the one that isn't (the cross). https://www.flickr.com/photos/alisonperkins/32748445274/ EDIT: see photo below
  16. 1 x Ikelite Underwater DSLR Housing for Canon T4i (650D) / T5i (700D) --- MODEL #5510.22 - AVAILABLE - $1000 USD 1 x 1-inch Ball Mount Mark II for Vega ---- MODEL #4081.5 - AVAILABLE - Free with purchase of housing 1 x Ikelite - 8" Dome port --- MODEL #6871.65 - AVAILABLE -$250 USD 1 x Port Body (Modular 4.125-inch Lens Extension) ---- MODEL #5510.22 - AVAILABLE - (I use it for Canon 10-22mm/60 mm lenses) - $100 Been used for under yea (two years old though) well-maintained by a dive professional. I will pay for shipping inside Canada, but outside of that, it is on any potential buyers. Please message for details!
  17. Hi, I sell here 3 fiber optic cables with typical Sea&Sea and Nauticam plugs. 2 x Sea&Sea optic cable II M/2: Length: ca. 45 cm, Extended length ca. 125cm 1st cable has 2 x 90° L-Typ Sea&Sea plugs -> Price: 55€ 2nd cable has 180° & 90° L-Typ Sea&Sea plugs -> Price: 45€ 1 x 10bar optic cable with two 180° Sea&Sea plugs Length: ca. 35 cm, Extended length ca. 90cm -> Price: 25€ Set price negotiable. All cables are used, but work perfectly. Located in Germany
  18. The following package is for sale! 1 x Ikelite - 8" Dome port for Canon 10-22mm/60 mm lens --- MODEL #6871.65 1 x Ikelite Underwater DSLR Housing for Canon T4i (650D) / T5i (700D) --- MODEL #5510.22 2 x Ikelite Underwater Strobe / Flash Head DS51 --- MODEL #4044.1 + diffusers 1 x 1-inch Ball Mount Mark II for Vega ---- MODEL #4081.5 1 x Two Ball Arm Mark II + TTL Dual Sync Cord Kit --- MODEL #4070.32 1 x Port Body (Modular 4.125-inch Lens Extension) ---- MODEL #5510.22 Total cost : $2500 Been used for under year, well-maintained by a dive professional. I will pay for shipping inside Canada and the UK, but outside of that, it is on any potential buyers. Please message for details!
  19. Due to a change of system I am selling my Ikelite Nikon D800 housing (6812.8) with Leak Sentinel V4 vacuum system. It comes with a single Ikelite to Nikonos sync cord and a fibre optic cord for triggering the second strobe. Also included are 4 x ball mounts for the quick release handle and a port extension 5510.10 (since replaced by 5510.11). A selection of O rings and spares as well. The housing has been well used and shows plenty of scuffs etc. , but has never been flooded. I will draw your attention to a slight flaw in the housing body so that you know exactly what you're getting, just below the lens release knob/ button and is approximately 4mm long. Hopefully the attached image will show this. More images can be sent on request. At the moment I don't really want to split, but may consider offers. Looking for £850
  20. Hello, I would like to buy a Nauticam Offset Extension Valve #25059 so that I can install my vacuum valve and electrical bulkhead in a single M14 accessory hole. I would prefer to buy it without the vacuum valve (yellow part), since I already own one. Nauticam only sells the extension valve as set, so I would be willing to buy the entire set, if it is not possible to split or exchange with my valve. Cheers
  21. Relatively time critical question... I'm currently in Lembeh for a few days with the camera but the TTL controller on my housing is playing up, buttons electrically (not physically) stuck causing mode and power changes i cant override with the strobe (DS161s) dial themselves. The last time it was stuck on the default TTL mode and i couldn't hold both buttons in to turn to manual. I never ever use TTL so this was a pain and causing very inconsistent shots. So, can anyone tell me what pins to mask on the hot shoe OR as a last plan, what wire to cut so the thing just fires bypassing the controller? This should then allow me to use the dial on the strobe to adjust power.
  22. I am moving away from big bulky DSLR Housings so have a lot of gear for sale. Much of the gear is almost unused. I am after around 70% of new prices for most of it, give or take, bit more for the unused pieces bit less for the marked ones. Make an offer but you know the ball park I am looking at. don't worry about PayPal fees or postage, let's just agree on a price. I have put up some photos but message me and I'll send through more. Here is the list (the prices are Backscatter new prices - not what I am after): 1 almost new Nauticam NA 5D Mk III Housing with one Electrical Bulkhead and Vacuum system electronics. This is unmarked and for all purposes looks new. ($3,700); 1 used Nauticam NA 5D Mk III Housing includes Vacuum system electronics. This is my regular housing, has marks on the body, looks used, but functions perfectly ($3,700); 1 almost new Nauticam 60mm Macro Port ($400); 1 almost new Nauticam 40mm Extension with lock ($300); 1 almost new Nauticam Focus Gear for Canon 100L 2.8 Macro ($225); 1 almost new Nauticam Zoom Gear for Canon 16 - 35 II lens ($195); 1 as new Nauticam Zoom Gear for Canon 8 - 15 Fisheye lens ($195); 1 almost new Xit 404 zoom gear works with both 8 - 15 and 16 - 35 II ($95); 2 almost new Nauticam Flas Triggers for Canon ($220); 1 excellent condition (no scratches on dome) Nauticam 8.5" Dome Port ($650); 1 excellent condition (no scratches on dome) Nauticam 8.5" White Balance Dome Port ($1200); 2 Nauticam to Sea and Sea optic cables (unopened in original packaging) ($100); 1 well used but working Sea and Sea to Nikonos Dual sync cable ($195); 1 well used but working Sea and Sea to Nikonos sync cable ($125). Enjoy looking.
  23. I have two Nauticam to Inon Fiber Optic sync cords, Nauticam product 26211 http://www.nauticam.com/product2.asp?id=99&sid=10 They are both in excellent condition, only used on about 10 dives. $70 each including shipping to US. Payment by check or Paypal.
  24. Three (3) Sea & Sea 5 pin Sync Cords; Model 17100 One sync cord was never used and is in its original sealed package (package slightly worn from traveling with it). Two have been very gently used and meticulously maintained. All is in working order. Shipping costs depend on your preference for speed, insurance, the weight and size of what you want, etc. and so are not included, but I will pass them on at cost. It should be less than $10-15 if you are okay with using USPS Priority mail and want all three. Price is suggested; I can consider any reasonable offer. For sale to buyers in the continental United States only. Please see my separate listing for a Sea and Sea YS Converter /N. I used these cords with it, traveling with one as a spare (but never needed). $55 each for the used cords $105 for the used cords sold as a pair $65 for the unused cord $160 for all three
  25. I have 2 brand new still sealed in original packages Fibre Optic Cables. Nauticam housing to Sea and Sea Strobe. US$80 each + $10 postage By them both and postage is free.
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