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Found 35 results

  1. A new forum for issues surrounding Wetpixel travel and trips
  2. Hello all, Does anyone know of an interesting location in Greece for UW photography? Thank you in advance!
  3. Hi everyone, I came across some great content on the forum so I thought it would be good to give back when I can. I recently travelled to Philippines and did a bit of diving there. I had questions marks about backpacking with my underwater gear (TG6, pt-059, Inon UWL-100 and its dome lens unit) and found some useful information on the forum (credits to @pbalves see thread 1, thread 2). I just wanted to share with you a cheap (£3.99) and convenient way to transport your Inon UWL-100 and its dome lens unit with a tupperware as some of the members have already done it. Hopefully it can inspire some others members who don't want to spend a fortune or/and are looking for convenient travel storage paces. The tupperware only costed £3.99. Thanks, Laurent C
  4. Hey guys I'm trying to get an update on how folks are dealing with backups when travelling without a laptop. I'm thinking especially for the "newer" type cards: CFexpress especially. Going back what now seems like a lifetime, I had the excellent Nexto unit which packed up CF and SD without a fuss. I see Nexto have packed up; as has it seems, Gnarbox. Most things I can find on the internet are out of date or mainly apply to SD cards. So what the latest backup-without-a-laptop techniques and tools? I'd like to be able to backup a day's worth of images - say about 4-5 GB at a go - from an XQD or CFexpress card.
  5. Hi everyone, I am preparing for my first international trip in quite a few year (whohoo!!), and realising I am not going to be able to take my housing/camera/lenses/strobes in a carry-on. I'll be flying with Singapore Airlines / Scoot, so 7kg + a personal bag (max 10cm thick) is all I'll take, plus things in pockets perhaps. A Pelican 1637 Air Case sounds like a good solution, to check-in all my underwater photography equipment, except for batteries (the rebreather, wetsuit & other small bits will go in another bag). However I have read quite a few Wetpixel thread, including this one, and noticed concerns about a Pelicase attracting too much attention / risk of getting stolen, and I wonder how real this risk is. Can I ask: => If any one knows personally someone who got his/her pelican case stolen while it was checked-in? If so, what was the itinerary? => Who might have used a Pelican case checked-in for several trips without any issue? Let's not get off-track with tricks to stuff more things in cabin baggage, I am well aware of them (+ many not applicable on the companies I use, which are likely to weigh/measure the carry-ons). thanks a million Nicolas
  6. Hi everyone I wanted to share a resource for your trip planning that can help with navigating current travel restrictions. https://airheart.com/explorer You can search destinations that are open for travel and see what's required for your trips (COVID testing policies, mandatory documents, insurance, etc). There's also information on health data and local guidelines listed for countries.
  7. Hi, So I am curious if anybody has had a chance to travel to Indonesia on the funky business visa recently...me and missus are considering it, so I am wondering if anybody has done it recently around here. As there seems to be a conflicting information regarding flights (i.e. whether one has to fly via Jakarta or not) and also whether one has to quarantine in Jakarta for 5 days as well (especially if flying directly to Bali for example). Seems back in December, people were getting in without the need to quarantine. And Garuda website seems to suggest that if flying Bali/Labuan Bajo there is no need to quarantine, but I was told the opposite. https://www.garuda-indonesia.com/other-countries/en/news-and-events/kebijakan-operasional-terkait-covid19 So looking forward to hearing to your experiences hopefully m
  8. Have you booked your dream holiday on the other side of the planet and feel a little bit environmentally guilty about it? Here are a few ways for you to take care of your carbon footprint during your holidays, and then try to take those good habits home with you! BEFORE LEAVING, SAVE ENERGYTurn off all the electrical appliances and devices that you won’t use while you're gone. Unplug everything you can and try to keep running appliances at a minimum. If you are leaving for an extended period of time, take this opportunity to clean out your fridge and freezer to dispose of the unwanted items. If you are really motivated, you can even empty it entirely and leave it off while you're gone. Donate the items to a friend in need or a community center for those less fortunate than you. Waste not, want not. CARPOOLIf you cannot avoid driving, try and fill all the spaces in your car that you can. All over the world you can find apps, facebook pages and websites that connect people traveling in the same directions for ride shares. This reduces your carbon emissions and can even save you a little money on gas with friends to share the bill! PRINT AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLEDon’t bother printing your booking tickets. You probably wont need them and find them transformed into a sweaty lump in your money belt weeks later. Nowadays just showing your passport or ID card is enough for the hostess to find you in the database at the airline check-in counter. You can also show the QR code from the company on your mobile.Take photos on your phone or save a copy of your important documents on your cloud so you can access it at anytime if needed. DON’T WRAP YOUR LUGGAGE IN PLASTICUse protective luggage covers or just a secured clip instead of the wasteful shrink wrap machine. There are many options for keeping your luggage clean and firmly shut. USE An ECO FRIENDLY SUNSCREENDid you know that conventional sunscreen contains a chemical that destroys coral reefs and marine ecosystems? Its name is oxybenzone, and many sunscreens contain it. According to experts, approximately 14,000 tons of sunscreen end up in the oceans every year.Search online or at your local dive center for reef safe options. They are now becoming increasingly affordable and easy to find. Go Shopping with your OWN REUSABLE BAGPurchase a reusable cloth bag to carry with you on any shopping spree. They come in many different sizes and some even fold up into tidy little pouches or keychains. This can allow you to say no to single use plastics from small shops that are likely to find there way into the ocean eventually. Remember turtles can hardly tell the difference between a plastic bag and a jellyfish! REFILL DONT BUY Carrying a reusable water bottle is an excellent idea whether you are going on a walk in your local park or departing on a faraway holiday. Avoiding buying single use plastic bottles is not only good for the budget but also good for the environment. I personally suggest a double layered insulated bottle which will keep that water icy cold even in the hottest climates.With increasing global awareness about going green, you can often find fill stations for water bottles all over the world. When in doubt, go to a dive center and ask the staff about filling stations. SAY NO TO STRAWSWhen you order your cocktail at the beach bar, don’t forget to say “no straw”. Single use plastic straws have been the target of successful global campaigns raising awareness of how they can impact our oceans. If you don't like to sip your drink from the edge of the cup consider a reusable option like metal or bamboo. You can even buy collapsible straws that are easily stored in a small case connected to a keychain. BRING YOUR CUPDo you need the comfort of caffeine in the morning? Do you hate drinking your sunset mojito from disposable plastic cups? Where many people will think to bring a reusable water bottle, most don't think to bring other reusable beverage receptacles. An insulated thermos for your morning coffee is a great way to reduce waste and keep the drink piping hot until you're ready for your fix. Beach bars are notorious for going through hundreds of plastic cups in a night. You can do your part by having your own party tumbler which will keep your drink cold and covered from sand or other undesirable additions.There's even an added bonus that some places will offer you a discount for bringing your own cup! …. AND YOUR CUP!Ladies, we all know that week when the bathroom’s trash bin is particularly full. Have you ever tried the cup?This revolutionary feminine hygiene product helps to reduce the rubbish you can produce during that special time of the month. You can wear it day or nights, for much longer than a tampon. It's also very comfortable and rarely leaks. Trying is adopting it! Even for diving, it is tested and approved. Environment protection blogpost
  9. I have the good fortune to be the partner of someone who has been seconded to work on the island of St Maarten in the Caribbean. Much though I loved our Amsterdam home, the thought of tropical sunshine in the Caribbean with a COVID winter approaching was a blessing. We’ve been here three months now. I’ve logged almost 2000 dives all over the world: UK to Australia, Philippines, Indonesia (including running a dive operation in the Lembeh Straits), lots of Caribbean islands, the Red Sea, the US, Bonaire loads of times. St Maarten, or St Martin on the French side, is turning out to be a delightful dive surprise. Diving here is boat-based. If you are staying on the south (Dutch) side of the island dive sites are usually about a 15 minute fast ride. Conditions can be slightly choppy but nothing that would bother the majority of Wetpixelers. Current and surge are occasional but not common. Site depths are usually in the 14-20m (45’-60’) range so perfect photo depths. Many sites have fish in abundance. Reef sharks and stingrays are on most dives; turtles on many. Water temperature so far is usually about 28-29C (82-84F); air temperature about 30-32C (86-90F). Slightly colder in December I'm told. Dive sites drop nicely into either the macro or wide-angle category. For macro, sandy/gravelly bottoms and low coral outcrops with Pedersen and Spotted cleaner shrimp, Flamingo tongues, jawfish, yellowline arrow crabs (brilliant snoot country). Wide-angle with many small wrecks, coral encrusted with schools of hanging fish and colourful hard corals. Some very interesting and varied reef topography with swim-throughs, passageways and gullies. Reef cracks with life in them. A very broad range of Caribbean reef species. It is way better than many of the island I have visited including, gasp, Bonaire. As for dive operators, I’ve been diving with Ocean Explorers [https://stmaartendiving.com]. Long established on the island, run by a husband and wife (Jef and Lu). Hugely friendly, accommodating and, with Jef a photographer himself, definitely photographer-friendly. He’ll do his best to pick the site for your lens choice and will critter-spot. He will also let you do your own thing on the sites without chivvying or chasing. Nitrox is available. 6 divers on the boat for a morning 2-tank dive. In the busier seasons, afternoon too. Take your time, take your pics, relax and enjoy. I can recommend Jef and Lu heartily - two of the nicest dive owners I have met. As for the non-diver on the island: given that it’s half-French and half-Dutch, there is really nice cultural diversity complete with historical sites of interest. Great beaches, easy on-island travel with rental cars, friendly, helpful people. Cheap gas. If you want baguettes, French cuisine, great wines, pain au chocolat, it’s on the French side; if you want bitterballen and drop (Dutch liquorice), Heineken, you can get that too on the Dutch side which arguably caters more to American tastes. Don’t get me going on local rums. Excellent supermarkets (Carrefour and Super U). Loads of restaurants are open - very many with outdoor seating - and are very good at a huge price range. So lots for the diver and non-diver. On the Dutch half everyone speaks English and the US Dollar is king. On the French side, on parle français, English is widely understood, and it’s the Euro. Power is 110v on the Dutch side with US-style plug sockets. Social distancing is practised and, there is a relatively low level of CV19 cases. Everyone wears a mask in shops and indoor settings. Hand shakes are a thing of the past. But other than that, and a PCR test before you board the aircraft (which you need to upload to a St Maarten government website before arrival), life is relatively normal or maybe better than what now passes for new normal. Although you will see plenty of evidence of the devastating impact of Hurricane Irma in 2017 especially on the French side, If you feel in need of a dive break, “escape” from COVID, some warm sunshine and you can get on Air France, KLM, American Airlines, Jet Blue, United, Spirit or Delta, St Maarten is open for business and I can heartily recommend it. And no, I’m not getting paid or anything to promote St Martin. But I am deeply grateful to my lovely partner for bringing me here. And for modelling on my wide-angle shots :-)
  10. The coronavirus outbreak in China has started to affect travel. Currently, this has mostly impacted travel to and from China, with airlines suspending flights and government issuing advice on travel to the country that effectively nullify travel insurance. For Government advice on travel, possible resources include the US State Department (https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/traveladvisories/traveladvisories/china-travel-advisory.html), the UK's Foreign Office (https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice/china) or the Canadian Government (https://travel.gc.ca/destinations/china) among others. As the situation develops, we ask that the Wetpixel community post in this thread their experiences, in order to help others to adapt or modify their travel plans.
  11. I had 3 min to make people evade. Please let me know if the objective is fulfilled. Regards Bruno
  12. Hi guys, here is the 1st episode of my French Polynesian series in 4K. Tahiti, Moorea in 3 days Be safe, Bruno
  13. Hi everyone, you want to discover new diving destinations? Enjoy some of the most beautiful marine life encounters? Take a seat and get prepared Bruno
  14. I like to share my lightweight insert creation. I had a hard time to find any good options for my carry on bag so I started to look at options how to make the inserts myself. I bought a light weight foam mat, velcro tape, and fabric that the velcro stick to, like loop fabric from Velcro etc. The total cost is around US$25 (not including the carry on bag price). I had to use another fabric type than the fabric described above since I couldn’t find the loop fabric locally. I recommend that you use a more stiffer fabric than I got hold on. My fabric stretches so I had to saw strait seems to fixate it onto the foam mat. I hope it will help someone else. The empty carry on bag weigh 1.65kg/3.64lb The total weight of my insert setup is 452g/15.9oz The total weight with my current gear that you can see in the picture is 10.9kg/24lb
  15. I would like to take my full setup in my carry-on. Am I going to have any issues going through TSA with camera housing, strobes, strobe arms etc? Mostly concerned with if there is any risk of the strobe arms being confiscated? Anyone taken float / regular strobe arms through TSA before?
  16. I just picked up a second hand PV102 10000 lumen video light by scubalamp. It has a contained 7X18650 battery pack. I am trying to find if this is allowed on airline travel. I know lithium packs need to be carried in carryon luggage, but I am having a hard time finding if this battery pack meets all the TSA regulations. Does anyone have this or large sized batteries like this who can point me the right way?
  17. Amphibico Discovery G3 Underwater Light Travel kit for sale. In mint condition, used very few times. For sale because I dont dive anymore. Includes: 2x lights 2x battery charger 2x articulated arms for mouting to underwater housing 2x diffuse filters 1x hard travel case pre-cutted Price new: 4280 Used price: 1700 O.B.O
  18. Just posted a new guide to Raja Ampat Underwater (focused on staying at and diving from the homestays). It includes info on weather, dive conditions, how to get there, a chart on how to deal with marine hazards in a remote place, descriptions and a map of many of the dive sites throughout Raja - and a link to a new guide to the underwater creatures of Raja Ampat (it's starting small but will continue to grow and we are happy to include your submissions). Hope this is helpful to folks!!! Underwater Guide To Raja Ampat http://nomads-expeditions.com/2017/12/underwater-guide-to-raja-ampat-indonesia/ Sea Life Of Raja Ampat http://nomads-expeditions.com/2017/11/sea-life-of-raja-ampat/
  19. Hi there, new here and want to share a glimps of one favorite dive location, namely Palau in Micronesia. Enjoy
  20. Hey Everyone - My husband and I have spent the last few years mainly in Indonesia and after quite a few hours lost to the hassle of trying to book domestic plane tickets online on sites such as Traveloka and pay with foreign creed cards, we decided to write up a quick article about what we have found on the different travel websites and what solutions we have found. Hope this helps someone else or at least sparks a discussion on here to share ideas. http://nomads-expeditions.com/2017/08/indonesia-booking-domestic-flights/
  21. Some time ago I mentioned that I was using a basic backpack as carryon with a fully constructed camera & housing inside. Someone asked for photos and I never got around to taking them. Yesterday I was helping Dad work out how he is going to pack for an upcoming trip and took some photos. Behold - camera in housing, housing in back pack, within the carry-on size, and room to wedge three t-shirts (for padding) and a couple of strobes around it. I then take a shoulder bag/"purse" with laptop and back up drive, plus maybe a second lens. The only real drawbacks here are back pain after carrying it across the airport and the risk that someone at the airline will want to weigh your bag, and subsequently try and force you to check it. Having a ratty looking backpack has saved me from being selected for random weigh ins. The advantage is that you land at your destination with a camera in housing and all you have to do is plug the strobes in and jump in the water.
  22. Hello Wetpixelers! QUESTION: I will be taking my first-ever liveaboard trip on the Palau Siren in 1 months time. For those of you who have been on this boat, wondering if it's necessary to bring my own soft sided-cooler/rinse tank? We'll be going to New Zealand afterwards, so not too crazy about lugging this thing around, but my camera's well-being comes first over mine...obviously..... Thank you in advance, wondering because I've heard some reports of rinse tank bad-behavior on other liveaboards, (which is to be expected, I suppose), so wanted to see what the rinse-tank to diver ratio might be on this one. -KTDG
  23. It's a great time to dive the Galapagos Islands at less than full price on the MV Humboldt Explorer. It's last minute, but for someone able to take our spots on this trip, we'll give a discount to bring the price down to $3495 each to make it worth your while. See Humboldt Explorer - Galapagos Diving Cruises - Scuba Diving for info. The trip is organized by one of Seattle's large dive shops, which will have 10 of the 16 spaces on the boat. (We've met most of the Seattle divers and they are a nice bunch.) Four other spots have been filled by the Explorer. The remaining two spaces could be yours. If you're interested, please email me at tshort1950@gmail.com Thanks and happy diving -- Tom
  24. Hi All, Please can you help? I am going to be bringing my underwater camera setup (worth maybe £4,000) with me on a trip travelling from UK, Russia, Asia (China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philipenes) to NZ. Does anyone know if I am likely to have any issues with import duty in any of these countries? I will have proof of onward travel in all countries. Any advice appreciated!! Many thanks, Matt
  25. Hello All, Are any of you using a Pelican Hard Case for you DSLR Setup? I am really hoping to find a Carry On size Pelican Case that can fit my DSLR (Nikon D7200, Nauticam, 2 Inon Strobes, 2 video lights, arms, wires, 2 ports etc). Is anyone able to fit this type of setup in a Pelican case without removing the handles on the Housing each and every time? If so, what Pelican Case are you using? I'd really rather not have to check my camera gear. Any input much appreciated. Thanks! Hank scubahank@gmail.com
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