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Found 11 results

  1. Hello all I have a Nauticam Flexitray system on for a compact rig - I would like to keep using the tray, and I'm currently looking into ways to build a simple tripod system for the unit (base, ball mounts, clamps, 3 or 4 legs) However, I can't really see how/where a tray could be attached on such a system. I was told by a retailler that I would need to buy another Nauticam handle with tripod attachements mounts, which is not great (expensive, especially in Japan where I am now, more clutter, etc). I'm thinking there are probably more straightfloward ways, if a litte DIY, of attaching a tray mount to this flexitray, maybe using the existing screwmounts or similar. Has anyone embarked on similar endeavours, or have any ideas on things that could work before I bring out the cable ties? Thanks! Ben
  2. I came across this new camera mount from Dive-Xtras. Two version: a lightweight for action cam & mirrorless and a pro version for bigger rigs. The interesting thing is that it could be used as tripod and the light one has a ball mount! Never seen before underwater.
  3. Used for one trip to Bali, in mint condition with carrying case. Offering for equivalent of $3,000 USD including tripod mounting plate, 3 Inon tripod leg extensions and 3 clamps. Single owner can verify purchase through Reef Photo Fort Lauderdale. I am located in Mumbai, but can ship anywhere. Shipping charges additional based on destination. Complete with Vacum seal/alarm and mini HDMI port for external monitor.
  4. I'm currently interested in making a DIY 3-leg tripod for videography. If anyone has any smart ideas I'd love to hear about them.
  5. I have a set of (3) XIT404 twist clamp tripod legs and a SLR housing bracket for sale. The housing bracket has the attachment hardware for a Subal housing, but I suspect you could change that easily to fit other housing brands. This is an amazing and clever system and well worth it if you are contemplating doing any kind of video work. This set is brand new, never used. I won it in a contest and never used it because I already had a set! I'm asking $625 plus actual shipping and insurance. PayPal and US shipments only please. Please check the photos. Thanks for looking.
  6. I made a mockup of a tripod legs attachment for my Nauticam NA-A7 housing. I was looking for something simple and compact. For now I printed the parts, will send them for machining shortly. I use an updated handle L plate as support for the front legs. I found cheap Inon style strobe ball mount. For the back leg, I use the tripod mound a attachment and one of the feature use during the body machining as anti-return point. To simply the part, a bushing is press-fitted on the plate. While the X404 legs seems to be the best, for a try I found cheap legs too. I more than welcome feedback and idea for improvement.
  7. Tripod Bracket for all Housings - DSLR & Micro 4/3rds New, never been under water. Price is $180 including worldwide shipping Paypal or TT (please PP/TT fee on your side) andrey.v.savin@gmail.com Connect by whatsapp +79031313355 or FB messenger i am based in Moscow, Russia my web site www.uwart.pro my instagram @uw.art thanks)
  8. Hi all, I wonder if someone have already tried any tripod fluid video head underwater, form smooth pan/tilt camera movements? If so, what brand and model have provided the best results/durability? First of all, do you think it his really necessary a fluid head to achieve that level of camera movements smoothness, or, since the rig is underwater, a regular (no fluid inside) pan/tilt head is enough? My main concern is about how long will a fluid video head survive in the salt water conditions, maintaining it's fluid movements. I'm considering, for now, a Manfrotto MH055M8-Q5 ( just for the ability to shoot both photo and video in the same dive) or a dedicated fluid head like the 503 SERIES. But of course I would like to hear any other suggestion that you might have... Thanks! Cheers,
  9. Preferences Preferences x I have my underwater photo equipment for sale. It means SeaCam housing with a Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III camera (body only) and lots of other stuff. It means altogether: - Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III Camera (body only) with manual, dual charger, 2* batteries, camera strap in original package - Seacam Silver housing - S45 sportsfinder with neoprencap - S180 sportsfinder with neoprencap - FP fisheyeport - SD superdome with optical coating and neoprencap - P120 macroport with optical coating - PVL 25 portextension - PVL 55 portextension - PVL 70 portextension - Diopter 77 - Wet diopter set (1 and 2 in a bag) - Zoom lens gear CANON EF II for EF 16-35 - Zoom lens gear CANON EF II for EF 24-70 - 2* Seaflash 150 digital with battery and neoprencover - 2* spare battery - tripod set (underwater) - remote socket, remote control release, 3m shutter cable - 2* flash arm 50/150/300/M8/bag - service kit (O-ring set Seacam Seaflash 150D, 2*Mounting set seacam sportsfinder, O ring set Seacam Canon EOS1D) I used them during only three diving trips. It means appr. 70 dives altogether. In 2011 I sent all of the equipment back to SeaCam for a full service (changing O-rings, etc). When I got it back I couldn't go to dive. So it seems as a brand new at the moment as you can see on the photos. I can send an Excel sheet contains all of the parts of my equipment if you are interested in. I would like to get only about 55% of the original price which is 13,975EUR or 11,501GBP or 19,230USD (shipping, insurance is not included). I attached a few photos of them but I could send you more if you need it. Some photos as a reference took by this equipment: http://seacam.com/en/focus/references/europe/istvan-juhasz I will ship the package from Hungary where my company is the Seacam distributor. Preferences Preferences
  10. I have recently bought parts to make a small tripod out of my ULCS tray. Ideally I would like to fold the legs and take it with me all the time and make it neutral however as a tripod it is probably best to have it quite negative. I have been thinking of a clip with a weight to attach to it when I leave it behind and still have it quite light when I hold it as a tray Has anybody got some experiences with a similar set up? More in general what are the tips and techniques using tripod and what are the key limitations? I have a trip to Bunaken and Lembeh in 11 days and am planning to use the tripod in Lembeh only as Bunaken is walls
  11. Hi, after my last trip in Bunaken and Lembeh I found out I need to stabilize my macro shots, so I am looking for tripod. I read couple of reviews and discussions and I can not decide, if I should buy Gorrila Tripod or XIT404 tripod. I like XIT404, because versatile legs, and it seems more steady, but it is soooo expensive - also I would like to know difference between XIT Ball adapter and Twist Kit. I got NA-GH2 Nauticam housing and like to shoot a video, so if somebody tried both and compare them, you are more than welcome to comment. Thanks.
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