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Found 4 results

  1. My partner and I went for shiny new toys a while ago and both bought Scubapro G2 computers. So my partner is selling her UWATEC Galileo Luna computer. As you can see from the photo, she has the original box, case and battery cover key. The Lunas have proved to have been excellent computers. We've never had a problem with the air-integrated signals being interrupted. O2 settings can be change of course for Enriched Air diving. Multiple tanks can be set etc etc. The computer and its transmitter are in excellent shape. Batteries for both are easily user-changeable and have been changed recently. The computer one is usually good for about 400 dives; the transmitter even longer. The computer is in Sint Maarten and we are happy to ship it anywhere at the user's cost. We are likely to be in the UK/Europe next month so mailing from there is not a problem. Looking for £250/$275/€275. PM for more details. PS: The Luna is brilliant for u/w photography. See mine attached to a strobe arm with Stix.
  2. I'm fed up messing about with the glacially slow Scubapro/Uwatec SmartTrak running on my Mac under VMWare (the Smart Trak J for Mac is even more horrible). After a Google search I came across Dive Log DT which appears to be able to download from the Uwatec Luna and runs under Mac OSX. Does anyone use this and what do they think? Were you able to transfer an existing SmartTrak database of dives into Dive Log DT? After years of trying to sort out SmartTrak/Mac it seems too good to be true that there is a solution..... Thanks!
  3. A used Uwatec Air Z O2 Scuba dive computer in excellent working order, displays metric units (meters for depth, bars for pressure, not feet or pounds), a tank-mounted transmitter for the hoseless transmission of tank air pressure to the transmitter, the User Manual and the Uwatech ballistic nylon case for the computer The wrist computer has mild scuffing. The screen protector is removable for cleaning and is replaceable. The data screens are clear and easy to read. The battery is factory installed, with 66% of the charge remaining, and should work for about 5 to 6 years of moderate dive use. The computer turns on automatically when in the water, or can be turned on in the air for checking. The wrist strap is original, in excellent condition, with no cracks or defects. Model CE-0474, Swiss made. The Uwatec pressure transmitter pairs automatically to the Uwatec computer, is in excellent condition, with a new user-replaceable battery (Varta CR 2/3AA 3V). Model: Uwatec EN-250, CE-0474. The hoseless transmitter screws into one of the high-pressure ports of the first stage. The User Manual is in English, is missing the cover, has no pencil/pen markings, and is complete, in good condition and easily readable. The original Uwatec nylon case is in very good condition, with no tears or marks, has a belt strap and a clip for carrying, and is padded for protection. Price: $299.99, Paypal. Shipping free to the lower USA. email: 68.elias@gmail.com
  4. Want to by Uwatec dive computer (Aladdin Ultra Pro or similar), good condition, to be shipped within the US... I lost mine and I don't like any other computer. Please Help!
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