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Found 25 results

  1. Due to upgrades (a recent housing purchase for my D750) I'm selling off my 'training wheels' underwater camera setup. The camera's reputation precedes itself as one of the top rated underwater compact solutions for the past couple years. Here's Backscatter's review: I've used this package on roughly 100 dives on 4 trips over the last 18 months. Accessories have been added to turn it into a compact, easy to travel and complete solution. The only thing not included are lights, however a 'universal' mount for a regular dive light is included. I'm holding on to the lights I've purchased. I'm looking to sell this as a 'turnkey' package, however, I've broken out the wet lens as that was a recent purchase and is in 'almost new' condition. That being said, i highly recommend buying it all together for the greatest flexibility. Photos of the gear condition at: https://1drv.ms/u/s!ArvnUdWmJ1CKhrYrfr0yzP4c_j2irw?e=DDRfQ9 (This is the actual gear - photos taken yesterday) All of this was diving with me in Bahamas in June and is in good working condition. 1 x Olympus TG-5 Black Camera (used but excellent condition - it's always been used in a housing) 1 x Olympus PT-058 Underwater Housing for TG-5 (Good condition - some minor scuffs & wear. Nothing that impedes functionality or image quality. Lens is clear.) 1 x Olympus UC-90 Charger (Almost New) 2 x Olympus LI-92B Batteries (Good Condition) 4 x 3rd Party Batteries (New condition - will only charge in camera, not in Olympus charger; Use of 3rd party batteries is at your own risk... but they worked for me) 1 x Accessories (Spare O Ring; Olympus Grease; Removal tool; Wrist Strap; Lens Cap; Baggie 'o' desssicant; Optical strobe clip for Sea&Sea style cables) 1 x 52mm to 67mm step up thread converter (Good condition, modified with additional holes for easy removal) 2 x Mozaic Underwater Flex Arms (Plus an additional 'parts only' spare - these have minor damage to the mount base - see photos - does not affect use in any way) 1 x Mozaic Underwater Aluminum Tray (Good Condition) 1 x 'Universal' dive light mount (New Condition - allows for attaching a standard dive light to flex arms) Looking for $675USD for the package above. Separately priced is Backscatter M52 120deg Wide Angle Wet Lens. This was recently purchased and only used on one trip. It is in pristine condition. https://www.backscatter.com/Backscatter-M52-Underwater-0.50X-120-Wide-Angle-Wet-Lens Looking for $325USD for the lens. All gear is located in Canada and I'm willing to ship worldwide however terms are FCA Calgary. Buyer is responsible for shipping, insurance, duty, tax, etc. I can ship on my Fedex account and add it to the bill, however, responsibility for items while in transit would remain with buyer. Payment by wire transfer in CAD (preferred) or USD - alternate methods and currencies are negotiable. Item ships upon receipt of full payment. I am happy to answer any questions and provide a few tips on use/maintenance as well.
  2. I have upgraded to a DSLR UW-rig and have a Nauticam WWL-1 wet lens for sale in mint condition. For use with Sony E, FE systems such as the full frame Sony A7, Canon M or Micro 4/3 such as Olympus M.ZUIKO, Panasonic Lumix. It is also great for compact cameras such as Sony RX100 version II to V and Canon PowerShot G7X, G16, S120 and Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100 With this lens you can take 130° wide angle pictures but also shoot awesome close focus WA pictures. Excerpt from Nauticams website. (read more and take a look at pictures taken with the WWL-1 lens at Nauticams website) BREAKTHROUGH LENS DESIGN ZOOM TO FRAME STUNNING FIELD OF VIEW INCREDIBLE SHARPNESS & CONTRAST CLOSE FOCUS Current backscatter price is US$1680: Nauticam WWL-1 Wet Wide Lens 130°, $1,320 Nauticam Buoyancy Collar, $58 Nauticam Hard Cap, $92 N50 Short port with M67 thread, $210 Included in the package: Carrying Case Neoprene Cover Rear Lens Cap for WWL M67 Mounting Ring Bayonet Mounting Ring Buoyancy Collar Front hard cap N50 Short port with M67 thread I'm only asking for US$800 plus shipping. I live in Sweden and the shipping is around $50-60 to US.
  3. Friends I have the Nauticam LX100, and am about to upgrade to the LX100 II (which thankfully can fit into the existing housing, with a slight modification). I previously tried the Nauticam WWL-1, but oh my God that thing was a monster. It was so big and heavy and I found it completely unwieldy in the water So I reconsidering my decision -- should I try with a different wide angle wet lens? If so, which one?
  4. Selling my INON UCL - 100 with LD bayonet mount. This is a +10 diopter lens, and with early RX100 you can get true macro of about 35mm subject size. Glass is clean, but there are a few dings and scratches on the metal body. I'll also include some LD lens mounts for the arms. $125 + US shipping, located in central Texas please send PM if you'd like to buy it in person. check out the gallery for closeup pics: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1AxBAykNcSuQUzGrZnBCvzqhqZWJTfWRo
  5. Is thera an adapter available that allows you to use a Sea & sea wet-lens on a housing with a standard 67mm thread? Or has anyone here made an adapter or modified a S&S lens to fit a 67mm thread? Cheers /O
  6. hi guys I would like to buy a Nauticam CMC-1 and WWL-1. if you have some for sale please send me an email or whatsapp sadilauro@live.it +34 653373301 thanks
  7. Selling my camera set up due to upgrade. Package is in great condition and is ready to dive. I can provide additional photos on request. Package includes: Sony RX100 Mk2 - perfect working condition just with some minor scuffs on the body which are only cosmetic Aquapazza APSO-RX1002 housing rated to 75M Inon UWL-H100 wide angle wet lens with additional Dome lens unit 2x INON UCL-165M67 macro wet lenses Howshot Adjustable Dual Grip and Tray Set Asking price: €1300 Buyer pays shipping and paypal charges. Items located in Cork, Ireland. I've added some sample photos to show what the camera is capable of. any questions feel free to contact me
  8. For sale iDas (iTorch) UWL-04, 28mm, 0.42x ultra-wide (weitwinkel) Angle Conversion Wet Lens in perfect condition---see attached images. Product Features: · This popular underwater wet lens provides a sharp 165 degree fisheye image, and mounts on any standard 52mm (Use step-up ring to fit on a 67mm port, also included) · Highly recommended for the Sony RX100 (M1 or M2) series. · The UWL-04 has is an inert gas injected between the lens and the dome to reduce the risk for cloudiness in the lens due to temperature differences. This lens sells new for $425 plus $20 for the 67mm to 52mm step down ring. This lens is not optimal for our new camera/housing so we are selling it. Great buy for someone looking to add wide angle. Selling for $300 plus actual shipping. e-mail me if you have any questions. Thanks!
  9. I have a Dyron SWAL13 that I have been using with my Canon G7X in a Nauticam NA-G7X housing with the N50 short port. The relative price, wide FOV, and Blue Water Photo test results (http://www.bluewaterphotostore.com/canon-g7x-underwater-lens-tests) are what led me to the SWAL13. Thus far I have found that getting photos with razor sharp focus with this lens/camera combination is nearly impossible. The very wide field of view is great for composing big shots but many of them end up having soft focus and are barely usable. Any ideas why this might be the case? I have not had the same type of focus problem when shooting with my CMC-1 macro lens or no wet accessory lens. Here are a few example photos that I feel show this problem: https://jonjake.smugmug.com/El-Nido-2016/i-6VmGkHQ/A ( f/8, 1/40s, ISO 125) https://jonjake.smugmug.com/Cozumel-2016/i-6KVw3K4/A (f/8, 1/80s, ISO 200) https://jonjake.smugmug.com/Central-California/i-r4shgL5/A (f/8, 1/60s, ISO 200) I have read some recommendations that suggest locking focus on your fin at the beginning of a dive when shooting wide angle and others that say to put your camera in Macro mode when shooting with a wet wide angle lens. Any suggestions or tips that I can try would be greatly appreciated!
  10. Hello Wetpixel! I thought I would post a dedicated thread for this discussion, rather than getting it lost in existing OM-D threads. In those threads I've read that image quality was good when using wet dioptres (Subsee) on top of the Olympus 12-50mm lens underwater (as the nauticam 60mm port has a 67mm thread). This brings a lot of versatility on this 12-50mm setup, and I was wondering why wouldn't size-conscious photographers use wide angle wet lenses on top of this setup? I must say I've never used any wet lens, so I may miss something, that's why I'm asking. I think it was Dr Mustard who said optical quality remained good with a wet complement like Subsee diopters, what about the wide angle complements? thanks for your advice, cheers Nicolas
  11. has anyone used one of these are they any good? seem to be a good deal at $280au it is going onto 100mm canon macro Cheers Joe
  12. For Sale: Nauticam Wet Wide Lens 1 (WWL-1) and M77 to Bayonet Mount Converter Nauticam Wet Wide Lens 1 (WWL-1) 130 deg. FOV: used once in Car Wash cenote in the Yucatan. Mint condition. Retails for $1150, selling for $979 More info: http://reefphoto.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=8413 Nauticam M77 to Bayonet Mount Converter for Wet Lenses WWL­1/CMC: Mount this adaptor on your flat port with 77mm thread to permit rapid, simple, easy, and secure, attachment of the Nauticam WWL-1, CMC, or SMC wet lenses with Nauticam Bayonet mount. Retails for $80, selling for $65. I used the above on a Panasonic GH4 housing with a 12-50mm lens. The port for the 12-50mm lens has a 77mm thread -- therefore the M77 mount converter for sale above. Photographers have been raving about the WWL-1 lens, and rightly so. Nauticam has produced a wet lens that converts certain Micro-4/3 lenses into wide-angle lenses that produce sharp, clear images. Nauticam knows their optics and has produced a unique, useful product. If you are interested, please contact Norb Wu at temp2_at_norbertwu.com. Please no phone calls. I am happy to entertain reasonable offers. I can accept credit cards, Paypal, and personal checks. Personal checks will have to clear my bank before the product is shipped; which can take up to three weeks. Shipping will be at buyer's expense (at actual cost) and will be UPS Ground, Fedex Ground, or USPS Priority Mail (all of which give tracking of packages). If we conclude a deal, I'll give you a quote for shipping via one of the above methods. Thanks! Norbert Wu
  13. For sale: iDas (iTorch)UWL-04, 28 mm, 0.42x ultra-wide (weitwinkel) Angle Conversion Wet Lens. See attached images This popular wet lens provides a sharp 165 degree image and mounts on any standard 52mm threaded housing. Also included is a 67mm to 52mm step down ring for use on any standard 67mm threaded housing. Highly recommended for the Sony RX 100 M1 and M2 cameras. The UWL-04 has an inert gas injected between the lens and the dome to reduce cloudiness in the lens due to temperature differences. This lens sells for $425 plus $20 for the 67mm to 52mm step down ring. We have a new camera/housing so we are selling it. Great buy for someone looking to add wide angle. Selling for $300 plus actual shipping. E-mail me if you have any questions. Thanks!
  14. For sale: iDas (iTorch)UWL-04, 28 mm, 0.42x Wide Angle Wet Lens. See attached images This popular wet lens provides a 165 degree image and mounts on any standard 52mm threaded housing. Also included is a 67mm to 52mm step down ring for use on any standard 67mm threaded housing. Highly recommended for the Sony RX 100 M1 and M2 cameras. The UWL-04 has an inert gas injected between the lens and the dome to reduce cloudiness in the lens due to temperature differences. This lens sells for $425 plus $20 for the 67mm to 52mm step down ring. We have a new camera/housing so we are selling it. Great buy for someone looking to add wide angle. Selling for $275 or best offer plus actual shipping. E-mail me if you have any questions. Thanks!
  15. For sale: SubSee +5 Magnifier (Macro wet lens) in pristine condition with both the front and back covers. New it is $195.00. Asking $120.00 or best offer plus actual shipping. Also for sale: SubSee adapter for the magnifier. I purchased the adapter from ReefNet for use on the Olympus PT-EP06 housing for the E-PM1 camera and have also fitted it on the PT-EP08 housing for the OMD-EM5. The adapter has a maximum 120.5mm diameter. New it is $225.00. Asking $150.00 or best offer plus actual shipping. I have attached photos of both items. Please e-mail if you have any questions. I have upgraded to a Nauticam housing and the CMC and will not be using these again. Thanks!
  16. http://www.bluewaterphotostore.com/bluewater-wa110-wide-angle-lens Pristine condition - used on one or two trips, open to offers. I've since upgraded to full DSLR setup so it's unlikely I'll ever use this again (it's already sat for about 2 years). Used on a S95 in a Canon housing, so if you shoot something similar I have other extras to sell too. Misc other parts for sale: http://www.bluewaterphotostore.com/dyron-adapter-67mm-canon-wp-dc38-s95 http://www.bluewaterphotostore.com/idas-flip-adapter-canon-s95-100-110 Canon s95 housing Sea & Sea strobe mask kit ULCS handle and tray kit
  17. This is slightly used double wet lens holder in excellent condition. Only used on one trip for 9 dives. It includes original mounting hardware. $45 including shipping to continental US PM or email churchill68_2000@yahoo.com The Inon 67mm Mount Double Mount Lens Caddy provides a place to store your wet mountable 67mm mount lenses securely and conveniently when not in use. It allows you to quickly switch between wide-angle and close-up lenses for more shooting flexibility without fumbling around trying to get your lens into or out of a BC pocket. The caddy comes with two lens mounting rings, and the hardware to attach them to a strobe arm (ULCS or INON), or the INON Grip Handle. Fully compatible with the UWL-100 Type 1 Wide Angle Lens, the UWL-100 Type 2 Wide Angle Lens, the UCL-165M67 Closeup Lens lenses, as well as 67mm mount lenses from Epoque and Olympus. The caddy also comes with a single mount hardware kit if you only want to mount one side of the caddy.
  18. For Sale an Olympus PMLA-EP01 to attach a 67mm macro lens to Olympus EP01 ports. It's great as you can attach and remove your macro lens underwater, this item is new never wet that came as part of a kit I purchased that I don't use. Normally $49 USD I'm selling it for $32 USD plus shipping. Item is in Los Angeles,CA USA my email -deedeeflores01@aol.com
  19. I am after an UWL-04 wet lens for a Nauticam RX100 housing. Do get in touch if you have one, or similar lens. Merry Christmas to all!
  20. I'm interested in a WA-110 wet wide angle lens. Need to buy soon for an upcoming trip, so items located in the continental US only, please. Thanks!
  21. Hello, I just acquire a set of UWL-H100 28M67 Type-2 + Dome Lens Unit II for UWL-H100 for my Canon S110 inside a Nauticam housing. After spending good 30 min assembling the lens system, following Inon's instruction step by step, fiddling with small and tiny screws, After completing the assembly, I got to the maintenance section, which actually calls for disassembling the lens system after every use !!! I find this tedious since it adds 20 to 30 minutes of gear preparation. I was wondering if there is anyone out there utilising the same lens system, that keeps it assembled between trips, and whether they have faced any issue for doing so.... Your comments are highly appreciated. Regards; Juan
  22. This is a used lens. There are some slight scratches on the lens that you should be able to polish out since the dome is acrylic. Not sure if they would show up in water or not. It comes with 52mm-67mm step-up adaptor so it can be used with any housing that has 67mm threading (e.g. I am open to reasonable offers. Pictures below. Keep in mind some of this is dust.
  23. Before going on my dive this morning, I found a spot of condensation about the size of a US quarter on the inside of my Subsea +5. It was pretty hot and humid this morning so I placed the lens in the water to cool it down and to see if the condensation would go away. It did shrink the size down by a bit and by the end of the dive it had gone completely. At the end of the dive after sitting outside for no more than 10 minutes, the condensation came back. Now that I'm home and the lens is in my air conditioned house it's completely gone and the lens is clear. Is this a defect in the lens? I would think that the unit should be completely sealed and no condensation should appear on the inside. I couldn't find any droplets of water inside the lens upon inspection so nothing appears to be getting inside the lens. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  24. Hey all, This is my first post here. First of all, I apologize if my questions have been asked before. I've tried using the search function here and on other websites, but I can't find any satisfactory answer. Please point out to me to any relevant thread. I bought a Canon S90 and Ikelite housing in 2010, but I haven't had much chance to use them. So I am still very new to this. Recently, I bought an Inon D2000 and I am now planning to buy some wet lenses, macro and WA. From my readings, I have my eyes on Inon UCL-165M67 and FIX UWL-04. If you know of better alternatives, please let me know. My Ikelite housing has a 67mm port, but I'm thinking of getting an adapter ring that will allow AD lenses to be mounted onto my port. Something like this http://www.bristolcameras.co.uk/p-10-bar-67mm-to-ad-mount-adapter.htm. My main goal is to facilitate easier lens changing underwater. My questions are: 1. How do I mount a FIX UWL-04 to the now AD port? 2. Will the added distance change the capability of the UCL-165 and the UWL-04? 3. Assuming I use some kind of adapter, do I need to zoom in to avoid vignetting with the UWL-04? 4. Is it worth changing to AD lens? Or should I just stick to M67? 5. Are there better alternatives (in terms of IQ) to UCL-165 and the UWL-04? My plan is to shoot the wet lens with the current camera for a year or so, before upgrading the camera. Thank you all. Looking forward to answers. Regards
  25. Hi all - I've taken the leap to DSLR so will be parting with my compact Canon s90 setup. I'm offering a choice of two packages plus ad-ons since it makes the most sense to sell this way. That said, ask me if you're interested in something in particular. Shipping cost is included, but if you're in LA I can meet in person. All original boxes and accessories/papers included as well. Please PM me with any questions. Thanks! Pictures can be found here: forsale - California Ocean and Landscape Photography by Brent Durand | SmugMug Photos taken with the kit can be found here: Underwater Wide-Angle - California Ocean and Landscape Photography by Brent Durand | SmugMugand here: Underwater Macro - California Ocean and Landscape Photography by Brent Durand | SmugMug FULL KIT - $1425 obo Canon s90 - Looks brand new - no scratches scuffs or dust. Comes in orginal box with all accessories plus an extra off-brand battery. Ikelite housing for s90 - Small scuffs here and there, but nothing you'd notice unless inspecting closely. See photos. ULCS Double Handle Tray & extension - one handle is dark blue and one is light blue, as shown in the photos. Sea & Sea YS-01 Strobes (2x) - a few scuffs here and there but not noticeable unless inspecting closely. Sea & Sea Fiber Optic Cables (2x) - Like new. Single Strobe Kit - $925 obo Everything as above, but with only one (1) YS-01 strobe, one (1) fiber optic cable, and instead of the ULCS double handle tray I'll include an ULCS tray and bendable/flexy strobe arm with Sea & Sea mount. Ad Ons - Stuff you'd really want with a kit like this Dyron +7 67mm Macro Wet Lens: $150. Glass is perfect condition, some scuffs on the bottom of the metal. Dyron DY.WA15M67 Wide Angle Wet Lens: $200. Great WA lens in great condition. Glass is perfect. Ikelite W-20 Wide Angle Wet lens: $325. Great WA lens in great condition. Inon 67mm Single Lens Caddy: $45. Like new. - Brent
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