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Found 14 results

  1. Off-camera lighting is an exciting creative technique equally useful for wide angle and macro underwater photography. In this episode of Wetpixel Llve Adam and @Alex_Mustard discuss some of the tools that can help ensure that you off-camera flashes fire when you want them to, and are stable and pointing in the direction that you set them to.
  2. Alex Mustard and Adam Hanlon continue their quest to try and help people create beautiful images underwater. In this episode of Wetpixel Live, they respond to viewer's questions about 8-15mm fisheye lenses that have been posted in previous episodes' comments and on the Wetpixel forum.
  3. Wetpixel Editor Adam Hanlon and regular contributor @Alex_Mustard chat about Adam's choices of underwater photography gear for a shoot in some flooded mines in the UK's Lake District. They go on to discuss the "myth" of the perfect camera systems and how some configurations may offer advantages in specific circumstances.
  4. The ability to fix underwater photography gear in the field is an important one for image makers. Being able to do so can make the difference between a trip being a success or a dismal failure. One of the resource needed to get things working again is an availability of spares and tools. Adam and @Alex_Mustard discuss which repair materials they carry with them on trips and assignments.
  5. The availability of increasingly powerful continuous lighting devices (torches) has introduced some new light choices for underwater photographers. In this episode of Wetpixel Live, Adam and @Alex_Mustard discuss how and when continuous lighting works best and how it can provide unique creative opportunities.
  6. @Alex_Mustard and Adam Hanlon chat through lens options for cropped sensors and Micro 4/3s cameras underwater:
  7. Responding to a question posted by a user on the channel, Adam Hanlon and Alex Mustard provide some ideas about using TTL with fast-moving subjects. Their discussion then digresses into a discussion about shooting bigger subjects and when it might be appropriate to use filters to improve color in our images. Wetpixel Live is a series of video episodes, providing answers to common problems experienced by underwater photographers and discussion about topics that are relevant. Please subscribe to the channelto receive notifications when new episodes are added.
  8. I posted a "sneak preview" of this episode earlier, but here is the announcement of our next Wetpixel Live discussion. The digital camera industry has gone through some profound changes over the past few years. The proliferation of mobile devices with very adequate imaging functions has caused the market to contract significantly. Alex Mustard and Adam Hanlon discuss these profound effects on Wetpixel Live, particularly with reference as to how this will affect underwater Photographers. Wetpixel Live is a channel devoted to discussing hard-edged technical information and providing practical advice aimed at helping people create memorable images. If you are enjoying Wetpixel Live, please subscribe to the channel and you will get notifications about new episodes as they are released. Please feel free to let us know if you would like any specific topics to be covered in future episodes.
  9. Underwater photography can be a powerful advocate for the oceans, allowing a large audience to view the undersea world and hence seek to protect it. There is also a responsibility to faithfully represent what we see underwater and to do no harm in creating images of it. Wetpixel Live delves into this, with regular contributor @Alex_Mustard and I discussing some practical steps that photographers can take to minimize their impact and create images in an ethical manner. If you are enjoying these discussions, please subscribe to the channel on YouTube...
  10. If you are reading this I am sure that you know that Wetpixel is powered by a huge community of enthusiasts that generously share their experiences and knowledge, Wetpixel is the world's premium source for information about everything to do with underwater imaging. To help make this information more available to all, we are proud to announce Wetpixel Live. Hosted by Wetpixel editor Adam Hanlon, with regular contributions from Associate Editor and renown photographer, Alex Mustard, Wetpixel Live is a regularly refreshed series of video conversations with leading underwater image makers about topics that are of interest to all those that venture beneath the surface with a camera. It is crammed full of hard-edged technical information and practical advice with the goal of helping people create memorable images. Adam says: "Wetpixel is the most comprehensive for information about underwater imaging. Wetpixel Live aims to answer some of the questions that are frequently asked on the forum and to make this amazing resource more accessible to image makers." The first episode is now live on the Wetpixel YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3Rf_mU-wBuBXas7fBRJrMQ). It lists and explains 5 important tips for those staring out as underwater photographers. Please head on over and check the episode out. If you enjoy it, subscribe to the channel to receive notifications as we add more video content in future.
  11. One of the “dark arts” that are required when you are choosing and setting up your underwater camera is to get your camera and strobes to communicate with each other. Adam Hanlon and Alex Mustard address this on Wetpixel Live, describing the current methods available and suggesting some ideas that will help ensure that your flashes fire when you press the shutter. Wetpixel Live is a series of discussions that aim to answer some of the questions that frequently crop up on the Wetpixel Forum. With over 20 episodes posted, and many more being created daily, they are a resource for all underwater photographers. Please subscribe to the Wetpixel Live channel to be informed when new episodes are posted.
  12. It is fitting that yesterday was World Shark Awareness Day and Wetpixel Live features regular contributor @Alex_Mustard's Favorite Shark Images. He takes us from Cuba to Cornwall, describes his equipment and techniques and lists the reasons for these images making it onto his shortlist. Wetpixel Live is a series of short talks aimed at addressing some of the problems that underwater photographer often experience and to answer questions that recur frequently on the Wetpixel forum. Please subscribe to the channel to keep abreast of new episodes as they are released.
  13. @Alex_Mustard and Adam Hanlon continue their quest to help people create beautiful images underwater. In this episode of Wetpixel Live, they chat about the best lens options for using with full frame Nikon and Canon SLR cameras. Wetpixel Live is a YouTube channel devoted to short films helping explain the hard-edged information people need to improve their underwater images. To see more of the channel and to be informed about new releases, please head on over to the channel and subscribe.
  14. Our next episode on Wetpixel Live shares some ideas on how you can improve your photography when you can't dive. Please like and subscribe to the Wetpixel Live channel. If you have any ideas for topics you would like covered, please let me know.
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