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Found 8 results

  1. I'm looking to buy a used and working Sea & Sea YS-110a strobe, preferably before mid-September 2016. If you've got one lying around that you aren't using anymore, let me know along with your price expectations. All reasonable offers considered. Cheers, Ken
  2. SOLD Two (2) Sea and Sea YS-110a stobe lights; Model 03111; with UltraLight Balls, w/instructions, lube, box, diffusers Very gently used (with typical cosmetic blemishes). All is in working order. Shipping costs depend on your preference for speed, insurance, the weight and size of what you want, etc. and so are not included, but I will pass them on at cost. Prices are suggested; I can consider any reasonable offer. These items are for sale to buyers in the continental United States only. $200 each, $375 for the pair Please see my other items for sale that might work with these strobes.
  3. Hi, I am looking to buy a second strobe to complement by single YS-110a, if anyone has a YS-110a or YS-D1 for sale at a good price, then please let me know. Strobes must be in good condition, never flooded and in full working order. I am based in England (UK) so a UK sale is preferred. Many thanks!
  4. Hello, Kind of thinking that my trade for my pair of ys-120's aren't going to happen before my vacation, so I am looking to buy a set of used S&S ys-110a strobes (not the 110s, only the alpha ones) Have a small budget so definitely interested in used ones in good working condition (never flooded) of course. if you have a set PM me and we'll take it from there. Really looking for a pair so I can take it with me on vacation in the beginning of January. Thanks!
  5. Bought for use with my Nikon D7000, never could get the housing so these are not being used by me and I hate to see them just sitting in the box. 2 strobes that are in very good condition, bought used from a friend before I owned them. Comes with ultralight arms. $950
  6. Sea & Sea YS110a Strobes (2) + Ultralight Arm System •These Sea & Sea strobes have been used only a few times and show hardy any cosmetic wear and are fully functional. They come with the retainer bolt, diffuser silicone and o-ring pic. Also, have 2 fiber optic cables with only one shoe on each. •Asking $400/strobe ($600 new) •The Ultralight arms also have been used only a few times and have no wear. I have 4 ball clamps, 2-8" arms and 2" strobe arms. Included are the buoyant arm floats that have never been used. (see photo). •Asking $200 for entire set (clamps alone worth $140) More Strobe info: The YS-110α introduces numerous new exciting functions, opening a whole new digital generation. For example, by connecting it to digital cameras with pre-flash function using a fiber-optic cable, the YS-110α can be used in the fully automatic DS-TTL adjustment mode (Digital Slave TTL). Enjoy complete creative control – when you want absolute control over fine light adjustments, you can use a main strobe in DS-TTL mode and a secondary strobe in manual mode or you can set up an advanced lighting system using two strobes in DS-TTL mode. The DS-TTL adjustment function is also available using the light level control dial for fine control of the light amount when taking pictures in DS-TTL mode. You can also choose from 13 levels of manual controls when you do not want to leave the light adjustment up to the camera. The flat, round, 105° beam angle (with diffuser), achieved by the balanced positioning of the 3 flash tubes, and the power of a Guide Number 22 are examples of the excellent performance of the strobe that is sure to satisfy even the most demanding professionals. [Guide Number (ISO 100/m) (land)] 22 [beam Angle] 105°x 105° (with diffuser) [batteries] 4xAA A: 6V Ni-MH: 4.8V [Number of Flashes*1] A: 230 Ni-MH: 330 [Recycle time (full)*2] A: 2.5 sec. Ni-MH: 1.9 sec. 5400K 5100K [Depth rating] 60m / 200ft [Dimensions (WxHxD)] 88x115x150mm / 3.5x4.6x6inch [Weight] 700g / 24.5oz [underwater weight] -10g / -0.4oz [Others] - Exposure control: DS-TTL, TTL, Light level control dial (GN): 1.4 / 2 / 2.5 / 2.8 / 3.5 / 4 / 4.5 / 5.6 / 6.7 / 8 / 11 / 16 / 22 (13 steps) - Pre-flash control: Equipped with pre-flash cancel mode - DS-TTL function - Slave function - Auto power OFF function - Over-pressure relief valve - LED target light
  7. I have two used Sea & Sea YS-110a strobes for sale. They are in perfect working shape, never flooded or leaked. They are about 3 years old and have lots of scratches, dings and wear, but it is all cosmetic. No dings on the lenses however. Complete with diffusers. $450 ea. Prefer to sell as a pair. Will include ground shipping to lower 48US states. Prefer a US-based buyer. Can take PayPal or call me with a cc. I have sync cords, arms, etc. available new if you need them.
  8. I'm selling 2 Sea & Sea YS-110a strobes for $475 each or $900 together. I bought them in February 2012 from B&H Photo for $1300. Used them on a couple of dive trips and they work perfectly. Have never had any issues with them of any kind.
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