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Found 1 result

  1. Hi all, Given the issues with Sea & Sea strobes some people have had with them, I thought I'd start a page on the issue I am having with the newest model (Ys-D3 / Lightning), just in case anyone has had a similar problem or ideas on what it might be. I've been in touch with Kevin at Aquaphot, and he's asked for some technical information from Sea&Sea; I'll update this as more is learnt, and once we fix the issue. I have a pair of Mk-1s, that have not had the 2020 firmware update (as I don't use TTL). They have done four trips - I would estimate about 100 dives max, and about 2000 frames max taken. The issue I have been having is as follows. Last month, I noticed one strobe wasn't working on a dive - the "ready" LED was blinking red about twice a second, and would not fire, although the focus light operated normally. It blinked red every time I turned the unit on, beeped once, and although I heard the capacitors charging, the steady red LED (that shows when it is ready to dump full capacity) no longer appeared. This happened in whatever mode I put the unit into (I only shoot manual with F/O cables),and in and out of the water. I could not find a reason for this in my manual (version EZpN). A web search found a different manual from S&S Japan (version YAvX), which describes the issue as "there is no remaining battery power". Well, that was incorrect, as the (fully charged) batteries operated the other unit perfectly, and they are new Eneloop Pro that are the only batteries I have used with the strobes- so 2000 shots. I got the same issue with a fresh set, of Eneloops, as well as a set of new Duracell non-rechargeables. Swapping the end cap over doesn't solve the issue either - the other strobe fires whichever end cap or battery set I use. I examined the unit for any leaks (dry in both the battery compartment and sync cord) and put the unit to bed. Since my return, I've been trying to figure out what the issue is. A "cooldown" without batteries hasn't helped. I am meticulous (my family would argue OCD) with my preparation, and following the manual - for example, I have never shot the strobes pointing directly downwards, and have very rarely found a need to use them on full power - so overheating is unlikely, and the strobe isn't showing it's locked out (blinking red and green LED). I also have test fired the units monthly to ensure the electronics remain in top shape, as recommended. I wondered if the terminals were dirty, and the unit was failing to draw enough power to load the capacitors. I've wiped all terminals (and those of the batteries) with a dry cotton bud in case of any o-ring grease, and now I get a different symptom. Now when I turn it on, it beeps twice in quick succession (unusual) and the LED lights solid -briefly! Just as I try to test fire it, it starts blinking red twice a second again. Kevin mentioned that "On a previous model this was due to low batteries being used, this could kick the circuit into a 'battery protection mode', & the strobe then needs a system reboot to get it working again, but this may not be the cause, or the remedy for this particular model." Any ideas what's going on, or thoughts on what I could do would be appreciated.
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