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L&M Titan D100, Gears, Field Service Kit

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Feb 2005, I lost my original Titan D100 and it was replaced by DEP with

a brand spanking new one.


I have dove with the new Titan D100 housing a total of 11 dives in Truk. I

would now like to get rid of it as I've moved on from the D100 to the D2X

and ended up getting a Subal housing for it.


Here are the things I have for Sale (as a package, prefereably)


- Light & Motion Titan D100 Housing (11 Dives Old)

- Light and Motion Adapter Ring for Subal Ports (BRAND NEW)

- Gear Set for 12-24mm

- Gear Set for 105mm (BRAND NEW)

- Gear Set for 60mm (BRAND NEW)

- Titan D100 Field Service Kit (BRAND NEW)


They are all in absolutely impeccable conditon.


I would like to sell the entire setup for $3000


If you are interested please write me email at al_v@mindspring.com


Thank You!


- aLV

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