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What is on your bookshelf

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Stan Waterman's autobiography Sea Salt is out and looks great from the first few pages i have read. It is edited by Ned Deloach, author of the Reef Fish ID books and has a forward by Peter Benchley.


I know they say don't judge a book by its cover, but I guess its an exception when the book is about a photographer because the cover has some pretty cool shots and certainly makes the book inviting to read.


On the nikonians website www.nikonians.org they have started up a number of online "bookshelves" just with books about photography. i thought it would be cool to have a similar thing, perhaps one for reference books (i.e. fish id) and one for pleasure reading (i.e. Sea Salt) in addition to a few documentary movies.


Heres a few just from my bookshelf:



Reef Fish ID books - Ned Delach, Paul Humann

Dolphins - Chris Catton

Sea Turtles - James R. Spotila

Best Dive Sites of the World - Trainito

Underwate world - Jacques cousteau


Literature/short story collections:

Sea Salt - Stan Waterman

Travels - Michael Chriton

Down Time - Kittrell

Billy Budd - Herman Melville

Islands in the Stream - Hemingway




Coral Reef Adventure- filmed by Howard and Michele Hall in Fiji

Island of the Sharks - filmed by Halls at Cocos Island

Shark Mountain - filmed by Halls at Cocos island



Just an idea by a new member.... feel free to shoot it down.

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Great idea Roger. I have changed the title of this discussion so more people are attracted to it.


Here are some of my favourites:


General Lit:

The Enchanted Braid - Osha Gray Davidson

Neutral Buoyancy - Tim Ecott



Reef Fish Behavior - Ned DeLoach

Coral reef animals of the Indo Pacific - Gosliner, Behrens and someone else

Reef Fish Ecology Vols 1 & 2 - Editor Peter Sale



Reef Encounter - Peter Scoones (BBC documentary on Sipadan)



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It has nothing to do with diving but Rod MacDonald's Into the Abyss is a fantastic and gripping read. Well worth a Christmas present for any dive nut!


Other than that (a little off topic this) I rewatched Blue Planet over the weekend and it is fantastic.

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Oooh I am going to change it up I don't have many if any UW related books but I do think I have an awesome selection. Now I am doing this from memory as my books are in the UK as I didn't want to risk them in another hurricane so.


Photo ID books:

Reef Coral ID Caribbean

Reef Creature ID Caribbean

Reef Fish ID Caribbean


Just Amazing Books:

2880465753.02._PE30_SCMZZZZZZZ_.jpg 186450207X.02._SCMZZZZZZZ_.jpg 1931933847.02._SCMZZZZZZZ_.jpg079226164X.02._PE30_SCMZZZZZZZ_.jpg 0715319043.01._OU02._PE30_SCMZZZZZZZ_.jpg


Non Photo but fun:

0563487461.01._OU02._PE40_SCMZZZZZZZ_.jpg 087833243X.01._OU02._PE28_SCMZZZZZZZ_.jpg


Books I want:

0500976457.02._PE30_SCMZZZZZZZ_.jpg 1903684374.02._PE30_SCMZZZZZZZ_.jpg 3829009089.02._SCMZZZZZZZ_.jpg


David Doubilets Books with National Geographic I am assuming are quite good as the reject photos he showed to us down here in Cayman were ok. I have seen his 'Light Water Time' and the 'Light in the Sea' and they also have some nice work but I am not his greatest fan so would never buy them.


[all images hotlinked and linked to www.amazon.co.uk]


I probably have some others but these are by far the best that I have and want .. underwater type books on or just of photos have never really interested me .. I want to see that Planete Mers or whatever it is called .. generally I find there are a few good images and the rest are just filling to make a book and sell some of them to make money, although I am sure there are some nice ones out there .. just never found one to catch my attention.

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I don't have a bookshelf...i am transient so don't want to own books other than novels that i pass on when done.


50 lb weight limits and ooodles of photo/video gear mean i don't own squat other than that! Tis a bit tiresome really. I have never owned my own TV to tell you the truth...


BUT...i get to dive with mantas....:(

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Thanks Alex for fixing the topic title.


Mike.. I think you've got your priorities in line. Id take Mantas over books any day, but I guess while Im stuck in Connecticut I might as well read about where I wish i was...


To stray from the diving world....


Anything by Edward Abbey is great for anyone who loves the outdoors. He is a pretty hard-core environmentalist.


Robert Young Pelton and Sir Ranulph Fiennes I would argue are the most extraordinary exploreres of modern times (Guiness put Fiennes as #1) and they both have some pretty great books. Pelton's The Worlds Most Dangerous Places is required reading of the CIA.


Also the Sea Wolf by Jack London

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My favorites photo books are Howard Hall's succesfull U.W. Phtoography and Norbert Wu's How to shphotograph U.W. Norbert really does everything to perfection his book is awsome.


My favorite diving book is "Diving to a flash of Gold" by Martin Meylach it is an awsome book on treasure diving in the Fl Keys.

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For inspiration:


Within a Rainbow Sea by Chris Newbert

Water, Light, Time by David Doubilet



I.D. All DeLoach and Human books


What about Gotschall? I carry his books with me when on boats.



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Im doing some research on a paper I am writing on Shellfish Aquaculture (I am actually sitting in the library with books and notes open)...


and I came across a book called "Oceans" a Visual Guide by Stephen Hutchinson and Lawrence E. Hawkins.


Its really cool... It talks about everything from the history of ocean exploration to ocean life, the dep ocean, coral reefs, and the impact that humans have on it icluding a huge "factfile" with all sorts of depths of different regions and areas of seas and ocans and basins and volume.... its pretty amazing.




Also, as for documentaries Id have to add the Life of Mammals by David Attenborough. ITs four disks, one of them being marine mammals.




Also, Howard and Michele Hall are working on a new documentary. They just returned from British Columbia, the last of seven trips for the film which includes: Humboldt Squid in Sea of Cortez, mola molas near catalina island, jellyfish in monterey, sea turtles in hawaii, sand tigers in North Carolina, coral in the bahamas, and octopus in British Clumbia.


It is set to come out in IMAX in March.



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I was wondering how much an original 1st edition of this book would cost, well, check this out:


On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, by Charles Darwin


Yes, almost US$170,000!! There are a bunch of cheap ($5) paperback versions around. I have the second edition, which I bought used for about $50.


The reef fish behavior and reproduction books by Ronald Thresher are very good too, great scientific content, but old and hard to find. Humann's series is a must have. I also have a bunch of Jack Randall's fish guides. The usual photography books already mentioned, and Planet Mers on order.


Other than that, a bunch of evolution and biology books. British author Richard Dawkins is really inspiring.

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Hi All,


Great voyeur thread. Can we have webcams next. :P (sorry my fetish)




1, Dive atlas of the world - illustrated guide of the best divesites of the world.

2, Out of the blue - by the late Colin Bateman. Fantastic picture book with a sad story.

3, Life on earth - Life of mammals - the living planet - BBC.

4, Careers in wildlife filmmaking - Piers Warren.

5, Sharkwatchers handbook - Mark Carwardine.

6, The dive sites of Malta, Gozo and Comino - Lawson Wood.

7, Essential guideto underwater video - Jim Church.




Life in the freezer - the Blue planet - Great wildlife moments - life of mammmals - Trials of life - Deep Blue - BBC.


Caribbean wreck heaven - John McIntrye.


Various Adult entertainment features. B) :D:o


Dive safe



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Oh I forgot: DVD video


Um-El-Faroud..From Tragedy to Tourism..By Dean (thats me) Burman.


A facsinating insight into a sunken oil-tanker thats now giving a home and refuge to marine life as an artificial reef. Off the Island of Malta...Amazing !!!


Dive safe



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Is there a way we could put these all into a master list that would be the "wetpixel library"

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Hi Roger,


Love the name of your residence 'Muttontown' I know a few Ladies (?) that could hail from there..


Dive safe



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Wide Angle - National Geographic Greatest Places - Ferdinand Protzman


Just got this book. It has NG pictures from 12 different regions and a range of time periods. only minimal doubilet underwater, but still some great photographs.


I really like it, but can't say i am terribly impressed. These are great pictures, but nothing really breathtaking.

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Great post, I'm ordering two books from the lists tonight.



Ocean Realm

Surfers Journal


Picture Books

Within a Rainbowed Sea - Christopher Newbert

Splendors of the Seas - Norbert Wu

Coral Reefs - Roger Steene

The Coral Reef at Night - Levine/Rotman


Educational Books

Sharks - John Stevens

Introduction to Marine Biology - Karleskint

An Introduction to the Biology of Marine Life - James Sumich


Field Guides






The Photographers Handbook - John Hedgecoe

Essential Guide to Composition - Jim Church



The Shark

Diving for Sunken Treasure



Neutral Buoyancy - Tim Ecott

Assorted National Geographics

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Some of my all time favorite ocean books are=

Ps- these are not picture books but great reading


Giant Bluefin by Douglas Whynott

Hungry Ocean by Linda Greenlaw

Clear the Bridge by Richard O'kane

Waves and Beaches by willard Bascom

The last Dive

Shadow Divers by Robert Kurson


Enjoy its a long winter


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Our library:



Asian Diver


Australasian Scuba Diver


Coffee table books

Within A Rainbowed Sea

Silent Symphony

Secrets of the Ocean Realm

My Underwater Photo Journey

Water Light Time

Realm of the Pygmy Seahorse


ID books

All Rudy Kuiter books

All Debelius books

Reef Fish Pacific

Reef Fish Caribbean (3)

Reef Fish Galapagos

Reef Fish Behavior (caribbean)

Nudibranch Behavior

Coral Reef Animals

Reef Life

Underwater Malaysia Macro Life

World Atlas of Coral Reefs

Reef Fishes Volume 1

1001 Nudibranchs

Opisthobranchs of Bali and Indonesia

Field Guide to the Seaslugs of Tropical Eastern Pacific

Marine Flatworms

Soft Corals and Sea Fans

Fabulous Flatworms (DVD)


Photography books

All Ansel Adams books

All Jim Church books

several John Hedgecoe books

Learning to See Creatively

The Darkroom Handbook

The Kodak Photo Guide

The ASMP book


And a few others that arent as relevant



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Hi Guys,


I just finished "The Ancestor's tale" by Richard Dawkins and would recomend it to those interesed in evolutionary biology. It has an interesting format and is light enough to read for leisure but still interesting.



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"The Secret Life of Sharks" by Peter Klimley Amazon


This fantastic book describes some highlights of a marine biologist's career studying sharks over thirty years. Well-written, the book focuses on the process of science, as fascinating results are slowly teased out. You feel like you are there: diving, looking for sharks, tagging them, tracking them, and trying to interpret the data. (On the flip side, though: despite the book's title, if you want a shark encyclopedia, look elsewhere.)


The two major studies detailed are of hammerhead sharks -- trying to understand why they school in great numbers in certain locations, and how they navigate -- and great white sharks -- trying to understand how they hunt, and how they interact with each other. In each case, the results are nontrivial -- but I won't give any spoilers here! (Were I a scientific reviewer, I might argue that the author is too eager to ascribe intelligence and social characteristics to sharks, before collecting bulletproof data. Also, some of his math -- for example, the "fuzzy logic" used for measuring great white shark tail slapping social displays -- is a bit immature.) The book concludes with a sobering chapter on the disappearance of the hammerhead schools the author had studied.

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My latest toy is the "fishes of the Caribbean and adjacent waters" DVD from ReefNet. I've only scratched the surface of all the content but if covers about 650 species, many with multiple images (including fun juvenile to adult series) and for many there is a video clip to show how the fish swims and responds to the photographer. They just signed a deal with New World Publications and it has the Humann and Deloach golden hamlet picture on the sleeve, but all the images and info is unique. Wonder if the H&D images will be added later.


Additional interesting features are a fishID quiz with four levels of difficulty (the hardest one tests your latin as well). Even better there is a fishID wizard. I told it to suggest the name of a laterally compressed fish, with bars, black and white colours, and living in the surf zone. It had the night sergeant as the top of 4 choices, which was indeed the fish I had in mind. It is too early to tell how reliable this is in general but it can certainly help novices narrow down the number of fish to look at.



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I have read Cousteau's "The Silent World" many times - it is a book which whilst apparently somewhat controversial (now that is) evokes a real sense of exploration and wonder of the underwater world that I have found few other books to do. I often see secondhand paperbacks for just a £ or 2 and for this money its an extremely good value read.

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These are some of the favourites from my shelves:



Australia - Reef , rainforest, Red Heart, Darren Jew

available from:

from Amazon.com

From amazon.co.uk



The Camera, Ansel Adams

The Negative, Ansel Adams

The Print, Ansel Adams

The Nature Photographer's Complete Guide to Professional Field Techniques, John Shaw

Photography and the Art of Seeing, Freeman Patterson



Within A Rainbowed Sea, Christopher Newbert

Water Light Time, David Doubilet

Serengeti, Mitsuaki Iwagu

Brother Wolf, Jim Brandenburg

On this Earth, Nick Brandt

Wildlife Photographer of the Year Portfolios 1 through 16, BBC



The Lorax, Dr Seuss

The Sea Around Us, Rachel Carson

The Gia Atlas of Planet Management, Norman Meyers

The Weather Makers, Tim Flannery

Island in Space - Prostectus for a New Idea, various- Pamela Peck Editor



Of Wolves and Men, Barry Lopez

Arctic Dreams, Barry Lopez

The Rediscovery of North America, Barry Lopez

Giving Birth to Thunder, Sleeping with his Daughter, Barry Lopez

Crossing Open Ground, Barry Lopez

Winter Count, Barry Lopez

Light Action in the Caribbean, Barry Lopez

About this Life, Barry Lopez

The Tree Where man Was Born, Peter Matthiessen

The Snow Leopard, Peter Matthiessen

In the Spirit of crazy Horse, Peter Matthiessen

In Patagonia, Bruce Chatwin

The Crystal Desert, David Campbell

The Blue Bear, Lynn Schooler

50 things you want to know about world issues...but were afraid to ask, Keith Suter

The Short History of Nearly Everything, Bill Bryson



Shackelton's Argonauts, Frank Hurley

Land of the Blizzard, Douglas Mawson

Deep Survival: Who Lives, Who Dies, and Why, Laurence Gonzales

Between a Rock and a Hard Place, Aron Ralston



Diving to Adventure, Hans Haas

The Shark, Jaques Cousteau

Dolphins, Jaques Cousteau & Phillippe Diole

Diving for Sunken Treasure, Jacques Cousteau & Phillippe Diole



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