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I'm a Dad with a young family (kids 4 and 12). The 12 year old is not into diving and doesn't look as though she ever will be. My wife and I just got certified and have committed to 1 trip every year to somewhere nice. :lol: The rest of our diving happens in lake water just to keep our skills up <_< . While I find most every dive enjoyable, nothing beats the Ocean. Our norm has been the Florida keys since we can haul grandma down there to do some baby sitting. I've heard of places that actually have day care while you dive. Since I figured last year's trip ran me 3K for a week in Florida not counting airfare (food, car, diving, condo), I'm looking to keep that budget somewhat the same. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


PS...I have to bring the kids. We have no one who can sit them back here in Denver. Thanks for your time.


Requirements for my trip:

Frontier has to fly there (frequent flyer miles!!!) ... unless airfare fits budget as well :lol:

Daycare for kids...preferrably with activities for them.

Liveaboards are okay if they meet the requirements

I don't want to rent a car if possible.

Beach diving would be a huge bonus :lol:

3K-3.5K budget (airfare if Frontier is accounted for).





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My wife and I have been dragging our kids (now 8 and 13) on dive vacations for 5 years. Here are my suggestions, from best to worst, given your constraints.


If you'll only travel on Frontier, fly to Cancun, rent a car, and drive to Akumal. Very easy diving, close to Maya archaeological sites, very low key and safe, pretty reasonable, turtles hatch in the summer, no day care or organized activities.




If you want an all-inclusive place that's great for kids go to Anthony's Key in Roatan Honduras. Your kids will love it and the diving is better than Akumal. You have to fly Continental or Taca.



If your 12-year-old changes her mind about diving, and you decide to blow off your frequent flier miles and your budget, this is the way to go:



I think we all enjoyed Anthony's Key the best out of those three trips.


I hope this helps.

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