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Shrimp IDs?

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I know...it never ends <_ src="%7B___base_url___%7D/uploads/emoticons/default_rolleyes.gif" alt=":rolleyes:">




^--Looks similar to Periclimenes tenuipes, but everything doesn't match up (not as transparent, and no lines connecting eyes). The chelipeds are orange-tipped as they are in P. tenuipes however...




^--Similar to Urocaridella antonbruunii but eye color is wrong, and banding is different...




^--Resembles Xenocarcinus conicus but has a longer rostrum (or so it seems)...




^--Similar to Periclimenes amboinensis but the patterning is off.


Good luck :)


I really need a more dedicated book for these IDs...


~Matt Segal

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Hi Matt -


I love doing ids. If you get more books there'll be less for me to do.... :rolleyes:


There are several Periclimenes that are similar to P. tenuipes. The closest I can find to your image is P. platycheles. Probably need a specimen to be certain. The second shrimpy is Urocaridella sp. A, still undescribed but common & well known. The crab isn't Xenocarcinus at all. It's a majid decorator crab with a bifid rostrum, perhaps in the genus Naxioides (N. taurus is common) or Hyastenus (H. bispinosus is common). Your fourth one I think is Araiopontonia odontorhyncha rather than any of the Periclimenes-crinoid commensal species. They're a problem anyway. I know some of the books say amboinensis, cornuta, & commensalis can be distinguished by length of the fingers or other characters but I was told by Sammy deGrave, one of the top shrimp experts, that this isn't true - at least not for images. He won't accept any image-based id for these species. Also, there are shrimp in several other genera like Parapontonia that live on crinoids & look very similar. Is it any wonder I keep telling people to collect specimens if they want accurate ids? (Bet you're tired of hearing that by now! :) )


Nice pics, by the way - especially the first.

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