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"Sample" email re:manatee to FL Gov

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Here is my email I just sent to Gov Jeb Bush of Florida re: the potential "downlisting" of the Florida Manatee from the [newly re-worded] endangered species list, at the state level.


Much more info is available in these posts:






I just thought everyone might like to see a "sample" email just in case anyone is thinking of sending one.....hint.....hint. I was going to use the quick "form" one on the Save the Manatee site, but decided to put one in my own words. Note Jeb Bush has stated that the Florida Manatee is "my favorite mammal".


Here it is (minus my add & phone at end):


Mr Jeb Bush,


I support more protection for our Florida Manatee, not less by "downlisting" it to "threatened" instead of "endangered" as the new criteria state. The new "endangered" criteria are "just a change in wording", but words that could result in significant loopholes and less protection for our favorite marine mammal, the Florida Manatee.


As a NOAA Scientific Diver, AAUS Florida Aquarium Diver, surveyor on REEF's Advanced Assessment Team (scientific fish surveys for organizations including the Park Service) and member of our Marine Mammal Stranding Network, I see the direct consequences of careless and thoughtless actions of humans impacting creatures of the sea. I have snorkeled with hundreds of manatee and even had the "chance" manatee encounters while swimming in the Keys or shore-diving at Boca Grande. They are the most amazing marine mammals, so curious and gentle in their nature, also very sensitive and tactile, we humans could sure learn a lot from them, my experiences and my underwater photographs of them are most profound!!!


I love boating in our Florida waters and frankly I have never been on a boat that hit a manatee or even witnessed a boat striking a manatee? It must be pretty careless boaters who do that? Thus I do agree that we need more (not less) slow speed zones for manatee, the propeller and boat motor damage to two-thirds of our adult manatee is plainly evident when seeing these sweet creatures and frankly is so pointless to have this happening to such a docile creature.


Also maybe it would be a good idea again to look at more education for boaters? Possibly even in the form of a "boater's license" required to drive a boat. Then things like looking for manatee signs and areas to stay away from could be part of the boat driver licensing process. I know this would not be popular, but then it was not popular to support drunk driving legislation, but absolutely necessary when so many lives are lost. Manatee have lives also, and a right to live and not constantly face pointless injury.


And I am concerned that so much of the Florida Manatee's habitat is being developed, e.g., Three Sister's Spring, Crystal River, one of the largest winter gathering places for manatee in the state. How could this happen that the state didn't keep that land in trust for the manatee and our children?


I trust that you as the Florida Governor are going to set a good example to Florida and the rest of the nation and support actions to further help the "endangered" Florida Manatee and not let some "re-wording" of the criteria set the stage for a decline in their population and quality of life. We are the world's guardian of this sub-species of the West Indian Manatee and we need to do all we can to protect them.


Respectfully and Sincerely,

Carol Grant

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I'll let you know, but the point is to actually "flood" the office with emails, etc re:Florida Manatee protection


It doesn't really actually matter what you say so much, it is quantity, not quality.


But I wanted to compose my own cause it was good for my soul......... :)


I'll let you know,



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FYI, here was my reply today (8 Feb 06). I'm fairly impressed with the reply and that it is not a totally rote or "general" reply.


On the down-side, it does "pass the buck", but they are right, I should do more work with my legislators, as the most endangered manatee population is our one from Tampa Bay south to Naples on this West Coast of Florida, that is where most boat strikes occur, fishing line/crab trap injuries, red-tide deaths, cold-stun deaths, etc.


Still it is more than I expected from this governer and his office, as without a doubt these past few years haven't seen much support in the environment's favor.


Anyway I'm just glad I got some communication back. It is just a drop in the bucket, but still a way to act causatively and many drops will cause a torrent (please excuse me for harkening towards the profound, but I just saw more manatee again today and I am deeply moved and disturbed by how we aren't helping them enough). Thanks cloustalot, yes the website form is very easy and just as effective I think.


"Dear Ms. Grant,


Thank you for sharing your views. I am forwarding your comments about the manatee to the attention of the Governor.


The Governor wants to know how Floridians feel about the many critical issues we face, and will keep your ideas in mind. You might also wish to contact your local legislators to inform them of your views on this issue. If a bill relating to your concerns comes before the Governor for signature, he will remember your views.


Again, thank you for writing. Do not hesitate to write again on matters of concern or interest to you.





L. Wright


Aide to the Governor


Office of Citizens' Services"

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