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Water Rat

Film type and brand

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I’m new to underwater photography and would like some advice on which film to use. Should I use slide film or print?


I mostly do coldwater diving in Denmark. I use a strobe for lighting and usually the ambient light is fairly limited this time of year.


When I shoot print film I usually get a copy of the pictures in a cd from the photo shop (developer). Do you do the same thing if shooting slide film?


Do you use different kinds/ brands of film for different water conditions?



Laurits Thomsen :D

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I'm digital now but up until last year it was Fuji Velvia 50 for Macro and Fuji Velvia 100 for Wide Angle


I find the color saturation better on slide film and it ends up being cheaper in the long run for me.

I scan the best and save thoe digitally. From there you can go to pront or you can have enlargements made from the slode itself.



I've heard rumors about the Velvia going away but I haven't tried to buy any sine last year...

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Velvia 50 will be going away. It's being replaced with Velvia 100, which is very similar. It has even finer grain. There is another version called Velvia 100F. This emulsion has been around for 2+ years. It is not as saturated as the new Velvia 100. So remember you have a choice of Velvia 100 and Velvia 100F.


Print film is cheaper, if you intend to scan. But... when I shoot an important roll of film I have it scanned as high res TIFF files before the slides are cut and mounted. It's more expensive, but the TIFF Files allow me to do the work I need.

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well thats not completely true.


its all depends on how much film you shoot and then you need to add the cost of the processing


when I was shooting film & still do i used upto 20-30 rolls per 2 week trip.


so take into account 25 rolls of Fuji Provia @ £4.50 a roll = £125.00


now the cost of process and mount at a pro lab = 25 x £7.50 =£187.5


Total = £312.00


you can almost buy a Nikon D50 for that each time i undertook a two week trip.


do a couple or three of them a year and you have a housing...


Film is not cheaper.. Digital is actually.


Now i can shoot a 1GB card of 178 images every dive and it cost me £0.... i dont charge myself for my own time..


well i do really i buy more camera gear :angry:


total cost of the pictures for a 2 weeks trip £0


total cost of my digital gear £3000 or there about

total cost of my film gear £3000 or there about


its cheaper to shoot digital. once you get you hands on a setup.






BUT I use either Provia 100 or Sensia 100 it depends on the Job.

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