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Tokyo Diving Festival Pictures

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A friend in Japan sent me a few pictures of items on display at the Tokyo Diving Festival. I find it interesting that this years coverage is dominated by DSLR announcements, whereas in years past I would recieve little more than info about a bunch of new oem compacts and accessories...


As Lambis and Sam Chae have reported here, Nexus showed a "dual" housing for the D200 and D2x. I'm not really sure what the point is with this, though... Maybe so d2x shooters can carry a d200 camera as a backup? Since the conversion kit includes a second back for the d2x housing, I can't imagine that it would be too far off in space and cost just to carry a second, complete d200 housing.










Nexus will also be building a dedicated D200 Housing





Their Canon housings where on display as well, with offerings for the 1Ds MkII





and the 5d




they also released the first housing for the fuji S3 that I've seen, which I imagine will fly off the selves... Did anyboyd actually buy this camera?





Sea & Sea showed housings for the 5d





and for the D200




They sure look like cast aluminum to me, which is a welcome change from their forgettable forays into polycarbonate slr housings.

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Also very interesting was this YS- TTL Converter.




here it is mounted on the DX-5d




I have no compatibility information, but from the pictures it looks like it is compatible with dual srobes, has built in EV Compensation, and can be bypassed for manual strobe control.


Another picture I received showed the YS-110 w/ a manual control, instead of the auto guide number scaled the unit we saw at dema had. This also makes me very happy, I am not an auto flash believer.


Inon had the mythical X2 housing out again, and announcements on the inon.co.jp site make me think they might actually ship one or two. I'm curious to hear how the housing handles in the water, it traps literally no air, and is pretty heavy even in air...




A few North American Manufacturers would love to have one of these...




The ever innovative Kenji Ohmura, who showed a teeny tiny little HC1 housing at the dema show, was displaying this new offering from Seatool.




Lots of cool stuff. Now we'll see what goes from concept car to on the road reality...

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Very surprised that Nexus are spending money on the S3 and 1DS Mk2 housings. Nexus have never done Canon housings before, so there aren't loads of Canon users with Nexus ports waiting for the housing. And also the rumours are starting on the 1DS MK2 replacment - which probably won't fit in the same housing.


The 5D is a good call though.



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2006 seems to be the year of 45° angled viewfinders.



uk-germany 5D housing with viewfinder prototype.



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Ryan we must have the same friend ;-)

I have recieve to the exactly same photos....

d2x200 is a strange housing...


the mythical X2 looks great is ti aluminium housing?



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YEH some BIG LUMPS of metal boys and girls.


Hope they are airline carry on size and weight.




its fine having the kit, But we gota get it to the site and avoid the EXCESS BAGGAGE MONSTER :angry:


i thought technology was getting smaller :lol:


but nice to see activity. I'd like to get my hands on one of those TTL conversion units from Sea & Sea.





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More info .. found in a japan INON forum

looks like inon have a new strobe?



anyway her ..


By the fact that that way, ' selecting, only the most important function such as "S-TTL" automatic modulated light ' and ' manual luminous ' function of 13 stages, it loads the basic efficiency of our company "D-2000" which favorable comment we have received, simple operation and リーズナブル the standard Strobo which actualizes price, it ships starts "D-2000S".



Underwater automatic Strobo "D-2000S"

2/8 sales and ¥42,000- [ tax removal ]/¥44,100- [ including tax ]




"D-2000S" product picture [ the left: Strobo front, the right: Operation panel ]



Main feature of product [ focusing onpoint of difference of our company "D-2000 " description ]


- Complete automatic speed light photography is actualized simplicity securely '"S-TTL" automatic' now when it has become general,With "S-TTL" automatic Strobo "D-2000S",

Camera it locks the image pickup element sensitivity and contraction value side, it is necessary to set to the Strobo abbreviating ' external automatic modulated light mode ' function

' External automatic modulated light ' it was necessary for accurate operation, abbreviating ' focusing light/write ' the function for assistance in order to direct the Strobo to subject

By the fact that it does, it is the recommendation in the beginner person who starts underwater photographing from now on, it became the simplicity certainty simple Strobo.


- ' 1/2EV. Because manual luminous mode of mark 13 stages ' it is healthy, already"the D-2000 " series D-2000S is optimum also errand to, リーズナブル at the time of 2light constitution 'as "a S-TTL" automatic ' Strobo. You said that the shadow the left and right by Strobo light is controlled freelyit corresponds to alsohigh-level professional photographing.


- ' Guide number at the time of FULL radiation 20 [ overland value, ISO100 m ] ', 'the circular light distribution of 100°x100° due to T type twin flash structure' and ' the recycling time of shortest approximately 1.8 seconds ' and so on not only preponderant basic efficiency, 'the clear photo system' and 'the advanced cancellation circuit' and so on, they are the identical specifications with functionaleverything"D-2000 " of advancement.



Concerning product specification and the like, also the product-related pamphlet below together viewing.


"S-TTL" automatic Strobo "D-2000"/"D-2000S" (PDF:652KB)

Http: //www.inon.co.jp/cgis/news/img/2006DF/D-2000_D-2000S.pdf




Above, we ask please may.



2006 February 2nd


Limited company イノン

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Thanks for posting! Look at the size of those port openings on the 5D and 1DsmkII housings - Yum! I've heard about these planned Nexus housings for some time but never seen a photo. Thanks.


I like the look of just about all of this new stuff. I too confess I don't understand the Nexus D2->D200 conversion kit. If it was just an alternate mounting plate, that would make sense, but not a whole new back.




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D2000S strobe looks like a D2000 version targeted at DSLR users with future Inon housings.


If you look at the strobe's back ( http://www.inon.co.jp/cgis/news/img/D2000S.jpg ) - the auto mode with aperture dial in and the auto sensor have been removed. This would mean: S-TTL optical triger or full manual with many power settings. No electrical sync cord connection.


There is a magnet hole, labeled 20D with X-2 housing.


Guide number and power specs seem to be the same as the other D2000 models.



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