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Floaded....expiration time 7:45 P.M. European time

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Hi at all,


Prologue: Six month ago I floaded the camera , not too much , about 20 ml of water ,but the water reach the battery compartment, till today it works even if it drains the batteries even if switched off.


The good part : I'll leave for a Philippines trip next 3 March.


The VERY bad part: yesterday I took my camera for a little check and for trying some setting with the strobe.

At first It had some strange behavior , long shoot delay and a not responding strobe in AV mode ( always full power independently of the aperture ), then after 30-35 shoots it switched off.

Now I am only able to browse the CF and if I try to exit from play mode it simply switch off :angry::lol: .


So I have to find a new camera in 20 days.

One option would be to take another A95 but I like the idea of more megapixel ,macro power, fastest functions of the new A620.


At the end I'll sell my "old" a95 UW housing on ebay.

I hope that Inon 'll make a lens adaptor for this camera soon or later.


Thank you for let me share this sad news with you :P



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Nearly the same experience in August - but mine was with an A80!!

More than 20ml of water, but after an afternoon drying out, spent with a silica bag, it was working fine. Over time it started acting strangely, like yours, but it still took photos.


Mid December the camera just wouldn't turn on - for no reason at all. I do believe it was related to the flooding, but can't prove it.


I opted for a new camera - Canon Powershot S2 IS - 12X zoom and image stabilization sold me over the A620. You're going to need a new housing if you don't get another A95, so think about which way to go.



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