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FS: Ikelite housing with (2) Rebel G's

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Two (2) Rebel G 35mm camera bodies, 1-Ikelite housing, 3-Ports (1-w/a and 1-zoom for the 20mm lens and 24-80mm zoom lens and 1-macro port for the 100 usm lens) zoom gear, double handle tray with top bar insert, 2-Substrobe 50's, 1-100A strobe and 1-150 strobe with a charger and two batteries and (2) two connecting cords. Ikelite arms and ball connectors, as well as a ttl slave unit with arm mount. Spare port and body o rings and some lubricant. All instruction manual and a 1650 Pelican case on wheels with foam insert cut to fit. Also included is a Canon backpack to carry the camera gear in. All equipment is functioning correctly and is in great condition. Includes most manuals, if not all. Intersted? I don't really want to list on e-bay if someone here can use it. Asking price is $1,600.00, you pay shippping and insurance. I haven't been able to take pic's yet, but if you are seriously interested, I can get to it this weekend.

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