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BTS Contest results

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With all due respect Joe, your source is full of it. I was there.


There were only three of us on the boat that day besides the guides, so it's not like there were conversations that I was not privvy to, and there was no conversation at all about the possibility of the crabs being moved. The possiblity of that happening never even occurred to us.



As the 3rd man I can back Tio up. The dive guides found the crabs

then called us in. Only the guides handled the crabs. We were very happy to see and enjoy the crabs!


By the way, some us use metal rods also, they are used to steady the camera

rather than holding onto the reef even with a finger. These rods can improve your technique, and can be very useful in a current.The rods also stop those stinging hydriods burning the hands! . I find they are indispensable, just make sure

you look where the rod is placed. :rolleyes:


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