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Ikelite Substrobe users manual

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Hi there,


Got a non-operational (flooded) Substrobe 225 TTL cheap on eBay and managed to repair it. Problem is I do not have a users manual....


Anyone that can help me with a scanned manual or something like that?

Ikelite will not help me.

At least, maybe someone can help me with the controls.


"1/4" "1/2" and "FULL" I understand....

But there is three positions for the power knob OFF-ON-ON ??

And also the round knob at the head with three positions.

(It has three different letter markings which I don't remeber now)

I've seen there is a photodiode at the head so I guess there is a slave mode ??


I happy for any help.


By the way, I have managed to build a very cheap ETTL slave that works well with EOS10 and my old Substrobe 50. It only needs some small adjustments in order to make timings with preflash/mainflash more accurate. I will soon try it with my SS225...

Will release more information on this when I'm happy with my design.


Best regards,

Pär Jonsson


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I have no direct knowledge of this strobe, but offer the following "information" as "possible" explanations..........please wait for second source verification.................


Dennis from Helix Photo posted these specs on the internet a while back:




Weight : 7.5lbs

Coverage : 110 degree

U/W GN (ISO 100) : 36

Modes : TTL, Manual, Slave

Color temp : 4800K

Power settings : Full, 1/2, 1/4

Power source : NiCad module

Full power flashes: 125

Recycle time : 3.5 sec

Audible signal

Modeling light


OFF-On-On ....the first ON position may refer to just the Strobe ON....the second ON position may refer to both Strobe and Modeling light ON.


The round knob may be to choose your preferred MODE: TTL, Manual, or Slave


Again, only "assumptions" on my part. If true, the knobs would be similar in function to what is presently found on a DS 125 that I own.




(welcome to Wetpixel!)

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