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Windows Live Desktop Mail Photo eMail

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(shameless plug ?)


Ok, some of you might know I'm a long time employee at Microsoft. Please don't boo me, it pays for my dive gear and great trips like the Digital Shootout in Palau. And we're really not as evil as some may think ;-)


Anyway, I work on Messenger and Mail (fka Outlook Express) and was pleased to see the reintroduction of a feature called photo email . For many of you advanced users this is probably something you'll never (or rarely) use, but for many novice and some intermediate users this is a very cool and simple way to send your pictures via email without flooding your recipients with huge attachements. You can find a blog entry on Photo eMail here.


I'm mentioning it here because at the shootout there were a number of people who were just getting into digital photography, let alone u/w photography, who were trying to work through simple things like getting the images from the camera to the computer and what to do with them once they're there. Photo email is a great way to send quick snaps of images to friends while centralizing the storage aspect of it (did I mention it's free) as well as providing simple tools to decorate and adjust your images if you're so inclined. For people who have no desire to ever have their own website or sign up for printing services that will host for you, this is a great alternative.


Windows Live Desktop Mail is still in beta, but should be readily available "soon".



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