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Hello from a non-diver U/W photographer

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I am a pro ( Photographer ) located in Colorado.


First off, I am glad to explore another facet of image gathering and to meet all of you.


Secondly, I am just getting some housings for my various gear and would love to know if there are any other's like me who use underwater housings to shoot anything besides typical marine imagery.


I shoot full frame Canon digital, Nikon & Hasselblad Xpan film.


I just picked up a pair of Aquatica 4 housings, one for a F4S body and the other to be retrofitted to use my Hasselblad Xpan.


I may get one for my 5D's but for now, I am starting a big film documentary that will take a few years. The things I plan on using the housings for are anything and everything but marine work. I will do a tiny bit of that but not much, the market it chock full of it.


So here I am......

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