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Hi all!,


I have just received my new Epson 9800, and am really excited about the 40x60's I am printing! Have any of you printed images to this size? I am currently shooting the d2x in a Subal, and am finding the files are holding up just fine being that they are printing to a canvas material. I have been oversaturating the files, which is giving me a oil look. Most galleries I have seen of UW images have been the classic gloss matted and framed, but the images I have been doing are on Heavy Duty Canvas stretchers giving me a 1 1/2 profile. Then I have been wrapping the image over the side, to give it the floating box effect. I am finding that I like this technique, however I am always looking for suggestions or ideas... So... Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions, or has anyone tried this before?



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