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1st impression YS 90

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One of my YS 120s is on the blink, so I sent it off to uw photo tech for repair. In light of the turnaround time, and the general need for a backup strobe, I bought a YS90 duo. Since I have the Titan strobe controller, I had no need for the DX model.


My initial impression was very favorable. Much smaller strobe than my YS120s - less than half the apparent size and weight. I was very excited to get it fired up.


I connected it to my camera system today, and it is far less powerful than the 120. Interestingly, Sea and Sea gives the same guide number for both strobes, but a reduced angle of coverage for the 90s. I must diasagree. While probably adequate for digital photography, the difference is at least 2 fstops.


One other thing that it lacks is the audible feedback that confirms that TTL (or in this case the ROC system) is working. The YS120s beep each time the strobe power is mediated by TTL, the YS 90 doesn't have that feature. It also lacks the solid switches of the 120 - a generally cheaper design.


I'll be getting the system wet in a few days, anxious to see the results. I almost never fired my 120s within 2 stops of full power, so this new stobe might offer just the right amount of light. For macro it will be more than adequate, for balanced wide angle photos as well. The reduced bulk makes the system much more manueverable, and put less strain on the problematic strobe base mounts on my Titan.


All told I can see why these strobes have been successful with digital photographers. While it is almost sacrelidge in uw photography to say "too much light," the YS120s may provide just that. Without the control of the ROC handles, and with only 2 power settings - 1/2 and full - the 120s would almost surely provide too much light for a consumer digicam. The YS90, to the contrary, may be just right.

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