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L&M D200 Housing

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Has anyone got their hands on one yet? Am still in the market for a camera/housing system and I am intrigued by the USB contol promised by the housing. Does it work, is is practical, etc?

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(apologies if this is a duplicate post, searched couldn't find it, nothing showing I did post it in profile or search. Posted around the time of the Web Site issues - delete if this is a duplicate eh?)


I've been looking at the L & M Titan for my D200 and various e-mails back and forth with Jim Decker brought out these items I felt are interesting. This was a meeting between Jim at Backscatter and the Light & Motion Crew.




Jim Decker, Backscatter

Light & Motion

Aug 8, 2006


Had the meeting at Light and Motion today. The mount ball for the focus light at the top looks like it will be included with the housing, no need to purchase an Ultralight mount. The housing will have the ROC system just like the D100 did. Doesn’t look like you need to worry about the buttons; they are spaced far enough apart. The handles have a very good adjustment system so you can adjust in or out and forward and back for your own comfort. The electronic controls are really cool. Most of the camera functions will be handled through a USB interface rather than mechanically through the housing. There will be a new display screen on the back of the housing below the camera’s LCD screen that will display your mode, ROC information, quality, white balance, iso, exposure comp., and shutter speed and aperture settings when in shutter, aperture, or manual mode. It’s really cool because you don’t have to tilt the camera to look through the window on the top of the housing to read this info, and you don’t need to take your hands of the handles to make the changes. Everything is right at your fingers. You do not have to worry about the electronic boards inside being exposed to water as they are all sealed in compartments with o-rings. Their goal is that if you have a flood, you should be able to clean out the inside of the housing, throw another camera in and be good to go.


Unfortunately, they are pushing back the launch even further now, into next year. It looks like they still have a lot of work left to do, so I don’t think I can give you an exact date on when it will be ready. The good thing is that the new cameras that are coming out now, and in the future, will have USB controls also. The R&D they put into the D200 will be able to be ported over to new cameras. This should reduce the development time to about 6 months from when a new camera is released.


They are supposed to have a pre-production model at DEMA and production is supposed to be next year



Hope that helps...

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