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Would appreciate thoughts on specific DSLR vs P&S?

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I am looking to move from a simple P&S camera setup with no manual control to something with more flexibility on a somewhat limited budget. I would consider myself an advanced amateur photographer, but only get to dive 1-2 weeks a year (usually about 25 dives per week - going to Honduras in January).


I have a Sea&Sea YS-110 strobe, Fisheye LED 48DX video/focus light , and Epoque dual tray w/30cm flex arms that I will use with whatever setup I choose:


I'm looking at two very different setups -


1) Canon A640 with Ikelite housing + Inon Wide Angle + Inon Close-up + dual lens caddy (All NEW - Total cost approx $1000-1100)


2) Nikon D100 w/105mm macro lens with Nexus D100 housing and macro port (All USED - cost $1500)


I'm posting this here as I would like to hear thoughts from those of you who already have made the move to DSLR. P&S have come a long way in the last year. #1 would give me more flexibility than #2, but not a DSLR...

What would you do and why? Any other thoughts of different things you might do for <$1500.

Thanks for your help - very confusing to make these types of decisions.

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