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Sea and Sea DX-5D Housing Retrofit

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Just got this in e-mail today...


© 2007 Tabata USA Inc./Sea & Sea


January 17th, 2007.

SEA&SEA produces the most advanced and rugged SLR housings and underwater photography

equipment on the market. However, our Service Division has become aware of an issue with the DX-5D

housing. To be precise, the multi-selector assembly components of the DX-5D housing might fixate or

possibly allow minor flooding of the housing through the component o-ring seals.

If you have purchased, sold or are in possession of DX-5D housing(s) in the following serial number

range, discontinue use and please follow the steps for return of the housing immediately to the Sea&Sea

Service Center-SAC.

Product: DX-5D Housing for Canon 5D (SS-06119)

Serial Number Range: 055000002 �€“ 055000174

Part for Replacement: Multi selector assembly

Return Procedure:

Have available the following:

1) Your name, shipping address, daytime telephone

2) Serial number(s) of housing(s) for retrofit

3) Completed Service Form (attached) for each housing

4) Please contact Sea&Sea at 562-498-3708 ext. 223 or seaandsea@tusa.com for issuance of a shipping

call tag.

When valid information is received a shipment call tag will be issued for pickup and outbound shipment of

the housing to the Sea&Sea Service Center. Please prepare your housing and the include the completed

service form (attached) for shipment with proper packing materials.

The retrofit procedure and pressure testing will be expedited and completed at no charge within 3-5

business days upon receipt at the Service Center and be returned to you via overnight shipment.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the above mentioned procedures, please contact

Sea&Sea at 562-498-3708 or seaandsea@tusa.com.

We appreciate your cooperation and continued patronage.

Thank you,

Sea & Sea Underwater Imaging





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Thank you, Colin. I have posted this on the front page as well.

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Note that the service information above is for the USA only. All other consumers outside the United States must contact their regional distributor ( http://www.seaandsea.jp/distributor/ ) or Sea&Sea Japan at intl.sales@ss-sp.com.

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