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Canon 400mm f/2.8 IS

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X-post from my classified listing on SportsShooter.com


I purchased this great lens from a fellow SS.com member about 8 months ago, he had gotten it through an insurance settelment, then his insurance company decided just to have his old 400mm fixed and told him to sell this one. When I bought it, it was still in it's original shipping box from B&H, so although I was not the first owner I am the first and only person to ever use it.


Now, about this lens, if you clicked on the link you allready know what a 400 f/2.8 is, so I'll spare you those details. This one is in 10/10 conditions, if I were sleezy I could just list it as a brand new never used one, but I'll be honest and tell you that it has gotten some use. I've shot about 8 football games with it, a few airshows, a handfull of races and some surfing, but it's only been on a monopod once so even the foot is in imaculate shape. It is the US version and comes with the Canon lens trunk, blank warrenty card, owners manual, and keys to the case. I am selling it because I tried to split the difference between a 600 and a 300 when I bought it, and that plan hasn't worked quite as well as I thought, I usually end up using teleconverters or renting 300, so instead of letting it collect dust, I decided to pass it on to somebody who will actually use it a little more often.


B&H sellsl this lens for $6600 plus S&H,, or you can buy mine for $6000 shipped anywhere in the continental US or $5950 if you want to pick it up in person, I will be more than happy to ship it elswhare, just pay for the extra shipping.


Payment: because of the dollar value I'd prefer not to use PayPal, I'd like either a pesonal or a cashier's check, and will ship it once the check clears both my bank and yours. I am offering this to the general public, but my fellow SS members will have priority.


Finaly I will consider trades for a 300mm f/2.8 + cash, or possibly a 5D + cash


If you'd like more pictures, just email me and ask.


Please, no lowball offers, I won't bother to respond, so don't bother to email me.




Maxyedor@aol.com You can PM me, but I check my email much more frequently.

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