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flash problem

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at first i m sorry about my bad english and hope you will understand me well :))

i m using the olympus c3040 with the PT 007 housing and bought me now the ikelite ds50 with the ikelite ttl sensor.

during all my shoots i get problems with the right flashtime, i mean some pictures are overlightet and at the others it looks like i dont use any flash.

i m working in the "p" mode (camera) and TTL (flash).

it looks for me that the sensor is not working well or i use it wrong. the sensor is looking on the camera flash (as writen in the description).

I was trying to find a online description for configurating the system right but didn´t find anything. maybe you can help?

if it is a problem and no chance to change it, is it useful to build in a bulkhead into the housing and let the flash work over a sync-cable, (cause i allready have an external connector for another flash on the camera). is the electronic in the stobe working together with the electronic in the camera (is it then real TTL?).

i allready read that it is better to work in "a/s/m" mode, is this right?

hope you can help me...





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See the item "G2 Ikelite DS125 problem" and look at the posting on 10-4-2002 at 00:48 from Sharpdiver.


"DS-125 Slave Sensor Problem


Well, I just spent an interesting half hour on the phone with Larry at Ikelite. They found the problem with the slave sensor on my unit and bobjarman's. It was a circuit board that is assembled by a sub-contractor, who swapped the position on the board of two resistors. This causes the strobe to quench entirely too quickly. Larry thinks that there are about 48 units out before the problem was uncovered, so if you are cussing your DS-125 or DS-50, it is probably the slave sensor and not the strobe. Contact Ike CS for a replacement or repair.


Larry is in the process of building a test station so that each slave sensor and strobe can be tested before shipment to avoid future problems."


Maybe this is your problem and solution.


Gr. Mike.

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