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Info miniDV camcorder of JVC

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First of all, excused my English bad one.

I would want to buy one small (it’s fundamental) camcorder with its underwater housing.

I have thought to the old miniDV of the JVC, because they have a underwater housing to they dedicated made from the same manufacturer and because I think, than being obsolete, costs a little less.

I do not know the technical characteristics of the camcorder and I do not know which to buy, I would appreciate a your council. Models JVC in issue are:

• GR-D90, GRpD70, GR-D50 with underwater housing WR-D70;

• GR-DVX4/DVX7/DVX40/DVX70/DVM50/DVM70 of the year 2000, with underwater housing WR-DV47;

• GR-DVX44/DVX48/DVX49/DVX77/DVX78/DVX88/DVM55/DVM75 of the year 2001, with underwater housing WR-DV75;

• GR-DVX8/DVX9/DVX10/DVX80/DVX90/DVM80/DVM90 of the year 2000, with underwater housing WR-DV89;

• GR-DVM76/96, with underwater housing WR-DV96

• GR-DVP1/DVP3 of the year 2001, with underwater housing WR-DVP3.

• GR-D90, GRpD70, GR-D50, with underwater housing WR-DVP7;

• DX25, DX300, DX35, DX45, DX55, DX95, with underwater housing WR-DX95;

There would be pleasing even if you advised to me:

• where I can buy it online, also used;

• a good camcorder of other constructors with relative underwater housing (not expensive!).

Thanks to anyone have want to answer to me.

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