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Curacao photos

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I thought I would put these up for some criticism to see what I can learn.








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General tips:

1. avoid bullseye composition (don't put your subject dead center of the frame)

>>shrimp, gobie in brain coral

2. fill the frame


3. watch your histograms (for correct exposure) and overexposure warnings (blinky blacks)

>>gobie in brain coral, box fish over sand

4. use the info in #3 to adjust the power of your strobes (foreground) or shutter speed (background)

5. shoot verticals (as well as horizontals) (remember to move your strobes otherwise lighting won't look natural)

>>angel fish


6. get low, get close (get closer), shoot up

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1. The angelfish shot would have been better with a wider view. This fish is in the corner, but his eyeball ends up dead center. Otherwise, compositionally, it is very good.


2. Again, a wider view would have been more appealing. The interest point of sweepers is the size of the gang.

Having the opening in the background showing blue water is a positive.


3. The shot is straight down, which gives it a more one dimensional look for the subject. The subject does not fill enough of the frame. Think: How much area does the shrimp take of the entire area of the frame? Answer: Not much.


4. Not bad. If you had been one or two feet to the right, the framing of the left trunkfish would have been better. The sand is a little blown out, mostly a function of your camera. If you can tone it down a little, it would draw the eye more to the subject. While one might think the arrow crab adds something to the shot, it does not. It is a distraction. Sometimes less is more.


5. Crop some off. Move the critter off center a little more and tone down the highlights as much as possible. Sharpen just the blenny, blur the rest just a tad in order to draw the eye to the blenny.

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