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I have been searching for quite a while for an easy to use web slide show script.

To probably everybody's surprise, I can't find one that I like.


I am running my pictures off my personal web server and I have scripts that transform them and create the web pages. I would like a button/link that can be pushed by anybody and start a slide show of the pictures that are on the particular folder they are looking at


Here are my requirements:

- Free

- Stand alone - no pbase, no flkr, no yahoo photos. I want to be able to install it and use it from my own web server. Even better I would like to not install it, just copy it on a web folder and use it.

- Easy to use - I don't want a automated thing that will create the folders for me and then the script and then the links and then copy the pictures in its folders. I want something that lets me add pictures in a file and then goes through that file and displays them. The file can be any format, xml preferable

- Decent looking - I can write my own java script with a button that parses an xml file and displays the pictures indicated in it but I want something that looks better

- I don't want to use a photo management daemon like gallery

- I don't want to use JAlbum.

- I don't want all the pictures from the slideshow to be preloaded.


What I found that almost suits me is Autoviewer from http://www.airtightinteractive.com/projects/autoviewer/ but they preload all the pictures before starting to display them and I don't like that.


Can anybody suggest something?

Thank you


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