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Diopter with 12-24 Nikor behind Ikelite 8" Dome??

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I was reading the Ikelite website and the *? on the port chart states that some people feel that at +2 Diopter on the 12-24 will increase corner sharpness. Anyone have any experience behind the new Ike 8" dome either way and just who are "some people"?


I have a Canon 500D that I slapped on the 12-24 just to see the look thru the viewfinder. The field of view decreases so essentially, it is cropping the corners by affecting the angle of view at 12mm. Not sure if this would be a positive addition or not. Topside, I do not see any difference in corner sharpness with or without the 500D.


My system does not show up till Tuesday so I guess I will have to test it out when it finally shows.

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