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Using a Zoom Lens for Macro

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The oly 14-54 zoom is a great all-around lens, and I use it behind a dome port on an E-330. When I see a macro subject, I crank it out to 54mm and get as close as I can, but it is not macro.


The specs of interest are (2x equivalent):


Angle of View: 75° to 23°


Closest Focusing Distance: 8.67" (0.22m)


Maximum Image Magnification: 0.26x (0.52x 35mm equivalent)


Does anyone know whether it would be possible to get additional magnification by using it behinda flat port, perhaps with a Woody's diopter in addition.



1) what would this do to wide-angle, and


2) would the diopter provide a bigger image etc.


I would like to investigate before putting out money for the additional port


Rick Colman

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