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Another Ike D70 with 2 SB105 Strobes Questions

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I have been shooting a D70 in an Ike housing for 3 years. I bought the housing before the TTL circuitry was available. I used the housing with 2 SB105's connected with a 4115.32 double synch cord. The system worked flawlessly.


I recently bought 2 DS125 strobes and sent the housing in to get the TTL circuitry installed. I bought a 4103.52 strobe cord to connect the DS 125's. I did my first dives with the new system at the beginning of May in Hawaii at the Kona Classic. I had issues on the first dive. After taking a couple of shots the strobes started firing continuosly without tripping the shutter. I powered the system down (camera and strobes) and then back up (camera first). The system took a few shots successfully and started to fire continuosly again.


I checked the cord at the end of the dive to make sure there were no leaks. The connections were dry. I borrowed another cord from one of the pros at the contest. The system worked flawlessly the rest of the week. I even managed to shoot a couple of prize winning photos :lol:


I sent my 4103.52 cord back to Ikelite for repair / replacement.


In the meantime, I wanted to use the camera so I tried hooking up my old SB105's with the dual cord (4115.32) I used before I had the housing upgraded with the TTL circuitry. This isn't working. The stobes will not fire at all when both strobes and the camera are powered on. The TTL light tree on the back of the housing does not light up. If I power off the secondary strobe the primary strobe fires. The TTL light tree still doesn not light up.


I hooked up 1 SB105 with a single strobe cord (4115.31) and the system works fine. The strobe fires and the TTL light tree lights up.


I double checked the 2 SB105's. They work fine when connected to a Nikonos V with a dual synch cord.


I checked the Ikelite website and noticed they don't list the 4115.31 or 4115.32 strobe cords anymore. The new cords are the 4116.32 (dual) and 4116.31 (single).


Does anyone have any experience with this issue?


Can anyone confirm the new 4116.32 cord vs. the old 4115.32 is required to make 2 SB105's work correctly in a housing equipped with TTL circuitry?


Will it cause problems if I shoot 1 SB105 with the 4115.31 single cord while I'm waiting for my replacement cord for the DS125's?


Thanks B)

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Here's the response I got from Roger at Ikelite ...


Do I need a 4116.32 to make my 2 SB 105's work with

>the housing now that it has the TTL circuitry?


Yes. And when using the SB105 strobes, you will not have TTL and must



in manual mode.



>Can I use the system with 1 SB 105 and the 4115.31

>cord without causing any damage to the system?


Using the old 5115.31 sync cord may cause erratic operation and is not

recommended. It will not damage anything, but may cause the strobes to

autofire (strobe fires on it's own). I am surprised it is not


Shooting in manual mode may helpf prevent the autofiring. So you will


cause damage, but be aware the flash operation may not be as desired.

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Thanks for the info.

I use now pre-TTL Ike's housing with dual SB 105, I don't see in the near future that I'll updated the housing to TTL enable but it's good to remember it if.

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