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flooded strobe (it survived)

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hi, i'd like to share my flood story with you

i'have a dslr system with 2 strobe, ys-110 as primary and ys-90A as slave


yesterday i was in a boat for 3 dive , 2 in the morning and 1 in the evening.

during the first and the second dive every thing works fine and as usual i shot some picture

both dive was about 15 meters deep

during the evening dive i took some picture but aftere a while the slave strobe die.

i was thinking at a battery issue but when i arrived on boat i found the battery conpartment was full of water :(


after i cleaned the strobe i was sure it was died and i was prepared to fight with my seller because the strobe was almost new.


today i was at the shop and the seller put 4 new battery in the strobe and..... miracle!! the strobe still survive ;);)


he told me that the ys strobe has a separated compartment for battery and strobe's electronic so if you flood the battery the strobe survive :)

now he will clean the battery contact,test the o-ring and the strobe will be as new :D


hope that this story will be usefull to someone



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