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New Member From Dublin, Ireland . . .

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I just joined now.


My wife & I obtained our PADI Open Water certs on the GBR in late 1994. My wife went on to obtain her Advanced Open Water cert in Darwin. We've done a few more subsequent dives in Barbados and in Kerry, Ireland, but we are still firmly in the "novice/beginner" category as far as confidence goes.


Thankfully, in our experience, the diving fraternity seems to be one of the few where "newbies" are not alienated and made to feel like lower class citizens.


So now our interest in diving is tickling again and as we're about to splash out on a new DSLR for general use (land & UW, family, scenery, occasional sports - the usual family stuff), I thought it be wise to seek as much opinion & info as possible before we purchase.


I'll post over in the beginner's forum about what my purchase options might be. I think I also spotted a forum heading about gear choice in there too - that may be more apropriate?


Anyway, HI!



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Hi Mark,


Welcome to the family...


Dive safe



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