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Galapagos Aggressor Aug 30- Sept 6 2007

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Hi Kids,


A fine cast of characters, ave chartered a boat for an amazing one week adventure to the Galapagos. The boat dates are August 30 to September 6, 2007 (yes, this August).


We are doing a custom itinerary that will focus on Wolf & Darwin Islands (whalesharks, hammers, Galapagos sharks, silky sharks, dolphins, eels galore, turtles, masses of schooling fish), as well as diving at the fabulous Cousin's Rock (sea lions, frogfish, seahorses, black coral forests, schooling barracuda). We will endeavor to do at least a couple of land tours.


Normally, we are able to fill the boat from a pool of able and superkeen divers (as happened with this trip right from the start), long before we ever need to publicly advertise it, but unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, a couple of people have had to drop out late in the game and so we have some open spots. This boat was booked two years out, and as any of you know who have attempted to book this trip, that is about the current waiting time for a primetime whaleshark season charter such as this.


Please: Know your limitations, experience and capabilities. This is no place to get into trouble. With that in mind, and at the risk of sounding elitist, we reserve the right to politely decline if you tell us you're 3 weeks out of BOW, or that you haven't dived in 15 years, or that you've never dived in some type of current.


Here's the sweetener - because we charter the boat, we get a hefty group discount, which will be divided equally amongst all attendees. Regular fare is $3195 per person (not including airfare from Quito to the islands which will run about $500 pp), nor hotels in Quito or your airfare from home to Quito. If we go with 14 divers, per person rate for the charter will be a very sweet $2510. With 13 price goes up to $2710, which is still a heck of a deal. You should plan your arrival into Quito for August 28, to ensure your dive bag arrives on time and to offset any airline fubars that may cause you to miss the boat. Many of us are doing a land tour on August 29 out of Quito - lots of options for guided day trips to choose from.


Right now we are at 11 divers. Note that no one is getting a freebie and any discount we get by adding more divers is split equally amongst all.


Email me at cjmenjouAThotmail.com, or Judy G at judygATawoosh.com if interested

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