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It's tricky isn't it? The last chance to make the right first impression when meeting new people!! Well I'm Tazzie, I live on the South Coast in the UK and have been seriously bitten by the underwater photography bug. :)


I use a Canon EOS 400D in a Hugyfot housing, currently with a Sea and Sea YS90 duo strobe but more about that later.


I've been lurking around these parts for a while now hoping someone else would post all the questions I have running around my head but alas, seems I need to do my own dirty work and look an eejit in the process! :)


So, apologies in advance, I may be asking the blatently obvious to some of you guys, please bear with me!! :)

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Welcome aboard Tazzie. This is a great place to get excellent advice - especially on how to empty your bank account :) Post away your questions and everyone does their best to give you good answers. Enjoy!

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