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Best Strobe for P&S camera

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I currently shoot a Fuji F30 in the fuji housing.

I have a Sealife SL960D strobe which has served me fairly well with an older olympus C4000 and the F30.

I'm now considering a new strobe. I intend to use this with the fuji. The main feature I am looking for in the new strobe is automatic, optical exposure control. Based on that criteria, I have narrowed my choices to the 3.

Inon D2000, Sea&Sea YS110, Inon Z240.

Am I missing a major contender?

If not, which is the right one? Which is the best one barring price?

Since the exposure control is the most important thing to me which has the best or is the difference significant? Inon calls their's S-TTL, Sea&Sea calls it DS-TTL.

Is there a difference in the D2000 & Z240 in this regard.


How important is the light output?

The D2000 is GN 20, the 110 is 22, the 240 is 24.


I'm leaning towards the D2000 because I rarely hear anything negative about it.

I also plan on adding the Inon UWL-105 wide angle lense.


Thanks for any advice.

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The YS110 is not a contender. The vast majority of units do not function when asked to do optical slave TTL, with preflash cameras.


The Inon's work well, doing optical slave TTL.


So does the heinrich's Digital Adapter II, hooked to any good strobe, such as an Ike DS 50/51.


The heinrich's DA2 is genius!


Reef photo can help you out.

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