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Nocturnal SLX night video shots...

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The video is not in its original format because I tried to "reduce" it so that it wouldnt be such a large download to view. As a result it lost a great deal of its resolution unfortunately. The eel video is with the diffusor off the light. The center hotspot is pretty easy to see. The snake video is with the diffusor on the light and although the center is a little brighter than the outside edge its not bad at all. The video was shot last night at about 930pm so there is no other light than what was with me. My two young kids were with me so a flashlight beam may be visible some times.


Eel Video Without Diffusor - Single Nocturnal SLX light


Sea Snake Video With Diffusor - Single Nocturnal SLX


The videos are short because I am not trying to show my lack of video skills but just to share what I think is a very nice light that is doing great double duty as a video light, camera light and dive light.

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