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Hello everyone,


My name is Michael and currently reside just outside Columbia South Carolina. I am currently shooting with a Canon XTi in a Ikelite housing with an Ikelite strobe. This is the first SLR camera I've taken underwater and I am still getting used to transition from point and shoot. I have been shooting UW pics for about 3 years utilizing an Olympus 5060. Some of those photos are available in a gallery I've posted for everyone to review. Unfortunately that camera is now oozing salt from a nasty flood on my second day in Roatan this past winter (let's not even talk about the shark dive I did the next day without any camera...I cry at night when I think about it). Thanks to a very understanding wife, I upgraded to the Canon SLR (fully insured this time, not like my Olympus) and so far I am very pleased with the results. I will be posting a gallery of some of those images shortly.


Again...glad to be here



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