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CPU Camera connection

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actually i am a photographer, but the dive center i am working in has a video camera with housing. whenever customers want a video, i am doing it. so i am kind of a mini videographer ...


the camera is a small hc96. on the dive shopp PC there is the Pinnacle (10?) software and a firewire port. since a while, the computer does not recognize the camera anymore, when connected via Firewire. So i have to capture via USB into Moviemaker and then import into Pinnacle.


i tried to connect the camera via fire wire to my mac. also no connection. when i connect5 (mac and PC) i can see the iLink (or dLink?) symbol on the camera screen ... but nothing happening on the cpu. as it is also not working on my mac and i tried already another cable, i assume it is the camera ...


one of my colleagues connected the camera to her computer, installed the pinnacle there as well an played around a bit. since then we had that connection problem.


what could that be? an specially: how can i get rid of it? (beside from buying a new kit)


ALSO: when i capture the little images in the clips are not the ones of the clips ... so the little images that represent the content of the clips are not equal to the content ... why?



thanks for any help ... i am lost in editing problems ... and soon high season is starting here. i want to use capture in pinnacle and have a proper clip preview ...




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