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SOLD - Canon 20D body and Subal C20 housing package

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I am selling my Canon 20D body and Subal C20 housing package. Included in the package are the following items:


§ Canon 20D body

§ Subal C20 Aluminum Housing

§ GS 180 Magnifying Viewfinder

§ Flatport for 50mm lens

§ Flatport for 100mm lens

§ 8" Glass Dome Port

§ Extra handles

§ 2 Sea & Sea YS90 Strobes

§ 2 Sea & Sea Single Sync Cables

§ 1 Sea & Sea Double Sync Cable

§ Fisheye HG20DX focus light w extra battery

§ Ultralight Control Systems

§ 2 ULCS 12†arms

§ 2 ULCS 8†arms

§ 2 ULCS 5†arms

§ 2 ULCS 3†arms

§ 1 ULCS AD-8mm Universal adapter

§ 1 ULCS AD-SSL 3†adapter

§ 1 ULCS AC-Tosh Strobe & Light Adapter

§ 7 clamps

§ Storm Case IM2500 w/o foam

§ 3 sandisk Ultra II 1 GB cards

§ Sea & Sea Dual Nikonos Sync Cable

§ Dome and Port Covers


Everything except the YS90’s and Camera was purchased from Ryan at Reef Photo & Video in June 2005. I bought the YS90’s from Ryan in 2004. Everything is in very good condition. Housing never flooded. Battery compartment on one YS90 flooded once but sent to a Sea & Sea authorized repair facility and repaired.


Retail value is around $9000. I’m asking $5500.


I just realized that I forgot to add a photo of the camera body and Fisheye focus light. I will add those later.

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Would you also consider selling the kit, except for the body/housing/60mm port? What is your price?


Looking forward to your reply,

Best Regards,



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Would you sell all the extras for a good price? (everything excluding the housing/body and 60mm port)?




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