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Recommend setting for Canon S50?

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I have the Canon S50 in the setting of cloudy and ISO 400. Also using the Olympus UFL-1 as my strobe. Anything I could do to get the best out of my camera?






Here is what the result. Any help will be very grateful. :)


Best Regard, Royston

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Yes, you definitely can do something to make it better!!! You are probably not getting amy strobe in those pictures. I used a Conon S50 for about ... 3-4 years adn I love it. I just upgraded to another compact underwater now but I still remember what you have to do.


Here is how you should set your camera:

- No red eye reduction

- No preflash

- Set your flash level at minimum

- NEVER shoot at that high iso you are shooting. The small cameras are a joke for high ISO. YOu should set it to 50 and forget about ever setting it on something else.


Now about your strobe. I am not familiar with that strobe of yours and I am not going to look it up right now. Is your strobe a slave strobe (so the light of the camera flash triggers the strobe), is is direct light or fiber optic. Does it have power levels?


The mode that I shoot in is that I made a custom settiing on the camera and I use the Av mode as base with the flash always on and set to the lowest possible setting (I am shooting a DS50 slave strobe).


In your pictures I am pretty sure that your camera flash starts to flicker for the red eye reduction adn the preflash adn then your strobe goes off and then the flash of the camera fires and the picture is exposed and the strobe doesn't have the time to get recharged.


I hope this helps

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