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Another new Dutchie

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Although I have already posted some messages, I totally missed out on this introduction forum.


I am a 22-year-old conservation writer from the Netherlands. I picked up U/W photography this year, by buying a D100 and a Subal Housing and I recently did a trip to La Paz (Mexico), of which you can find some of the pictures on my website.


I look forward to learn a lot more about u/w photography in the years to come and I also hope that I am soon able to give more input in the discussions.





ps. I am looking for a mentor (preferably someone with a lot of experience), who can give some guidance to my learning process. I enjoy figuring out stuff myself, but it would speed things up a bit if someone would be able to guide me and tell me what to practice on/what literature to study. If you would be willing to spend (a very small) amount of your time on this, please write me an email (vincentkneefel@gmail.com). I'd very much appreciate it!

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Welcome Vincent,


You should find a lot of mentors on this site...Or is that Mentals... :D


Anyway good luck and happy shooting


Dive safe



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